Counterpoint: 3 Gun Myths That Have Merit

Counterpoint: 3 Gun Myths That Have Merit


Original Gun Myth Article Claim #1

Firearm Training is Required for Effective Personal Protection

Werner's response: Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people defend themselves each year with firearms and do not have the slightest bit of training. Therefore, the statement “A gun without effective and frequent training is a hollow threat” is utterly false and unsupportable. So this myth is not a myth at all.

Original Gun Myth Article Claim #2

Don't Count on Just Taking a Gun Out and Hoping the Bad Guy Will Go Away

Werner's response: The bad guys do indeed “go away.” True, we shouldn't pull a gun on anyone we are not justified in using deadly force against, and verbal challenges are a good thing. Statistically, only a few thousand criminals a year are actually shot out of the 1000 times more who are dissuaded.

Original Gun Myth Article Claim #3

Drill at Ranges that Allow You to Move and Shoot, and Take a Training Course There

Werner's response: When we look statistically at the availability of ranges where people can shoot on the move, very few have access to such a place. If we examine the numerical output capability of the entire firearms training base, the base is able to train perhaps one to two percent of the private sector gunowners annually. So telling people to take a training course isn't much of a solution, either.

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