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This Gun Collecting Game

Gun collecting is easy, rewarding, educational and relaxing - and if you go about it right, it needn't be expensive.

Rock Island Auction Sees Strong Sales

Rock Island Auction reported strong sales at their June regional sale, with a 100% sell-through rate and $2.1 million in sales. Over 2100 lots were offered that contained over 4200 firearms.

AR15 TNW Gas Piston System

TNW has developed a gas piston operating system for AR15/M16 rifles. The system addresses the issues of fouling, heat and reliability in harsh environments.

One Good Gun: The Savage 99

While not a collector's dream, the author's customized Savage 99 is truly a rifleman's dream.

Winchester: The Collector’s Choice

When one decides to become a collector of Winchesters, he is entering a world where, most think, stiff competition is everywhere. This isn't always true; it all depends what Winchesters a person decides to collect.

Bonded PDX: A Real Fight-Stopper

This new defensive handgun ammunition, adopted by the FBI, is available for handgunners everywhere.

Give Me a Lever

It remains to be seen whether Mossberg's new 464 lever-action rifle will move the world, but it's a pretty good second try for a company not known for their lever-actions.
Winchester Model 12 3

The Winchester Model 12 Heavy Duck Gun Proved Itself a Shooter

New duck gun has appeared and it is one designed to interest gunners who frequent waterfowl passes, fox trails or the habitat of the wary gobbler.

Remington: Dozens of Reasons to Collect

The sheer variety of firearms makes Remington a collector's choice for the Baby Boom generation.

A Simple Way to Collect

Starting or maintaining a gun collection doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, your strategy could be as simple as buying as many different guns as suit your fancy at the moment.

Ammunition and Components

With the ammo shortage showing little sign of improvement, many shooters are having to deviate from their preferred components. Here's a look at some of the best components from Gun Digest.

Complete History of the CZ-75 and Its Early Clones

Some have said the CZ-75 is the perfect tactical or concealed carry handgun. After you read this article from the 1997 Gun Digest annual book, you might just agree.

Rock Island Launches Huge Gun Auction

4,200 guns you can search - and bid on - all online. Gun Digest features Rock Island Auctions.

Winchester Rifle Sells For $93,000

A recent Shobe auction held in Montana yielded many good sales of firearms, including an 1873 Winchester in .44, which sold for $93,000.

Democrats Hang Fire on Guns

There is one thing that can be said of President Obama with certainty -- his election has had a phenomenal effect on gun sales.

Gun Stocks Rally: NRA and ‘Babes with Bullets’ Convene

Firearms sales are soaring as the National Rifle Association convention commences Friday in Phoenix, Arizona.


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