Classic Guns

Rusted Winchester 94 Rifle

Winchester 94: Receivers

The Model 1894 incorporated a newly designed action in a light, thin-walled frame (receiver) that was quite revolutionary. to Hold Large Military & Firearms Auction

In this featured auction by, you'll find extremely rare military and firearm collectibles, including a WW1 German Ace 1st Class Iron Cross and Pilots Badge, Colt Third Model Shoulder Stock Provision Dragoon (1858), Winchester “A Classic Combination” Advertising Poster, plus over 200 guns and related merchandise.

SKS Collecting: The Last Hold Out?

Having held out for years, Dan Shideler gives the SKS a chance.

673 Guide Rifle: The Batmobile of Remington?

Remington's big-bore guide rifle is one collectors will love. And you don't even have to be a guide.

Russia’s Red Forest

In this classic article from the 1980 Gun Digest, editor John T. Amber pursues Russia's red deer - and some interesting Russian arms - in the Red Forest.

The Gran Chaco War, 1928-1935

A look at the history of the Gran Chaco War with resulting supply and current values of Model 1891 Argentine Pattern, Model 1903 Turkish pattern, Model 1908 long and short rifle and Model 1907 rifle and carbine Mausers.

You, Me and the CMP

Did you know that even today most Gun Digest readers can buy military surplus M-1 Garand rifles, M-1903 Springfield rifles, M-1917 rifles, surplus military 22 LR target rifles, ammunition, and gun parts taken directly from surplus U.S. government stocks at excellent prices?

Izhmash: Russian AK Maker Bancrupt

The Russian firm Izhmash (Izhevsk Mechanical Works) holds the patents for the AK-47, and it is going broke because of all the illegal copies of its weapons being produced worldwide.

Jeepers Creepers, Where’d You Get That Pieper?

Never heard of the Pieper Volley Gun, have you? Neither had I until I stumbled across it in the LaPorte museum. If the LaPorte museum's W. A. Jones Collection of Antique Firearms contains the damndest stuff you've ever seen, then their Pieper Volley Gun has got to be the double-damndest.

Shotgun Q&A: Stevens ‘Letter Prefix’ Serial Numbers

Nick Niles answers your burning shotgun questions. This time, a reader asks about Stevens letter prefixes on serial numbers.

Mauser Q&A with Bob Ball

Bob Ball reviews one of the most treasured names in the history of firearms: the Mauser.

Before You Buy: Two Oddball Revolvers

Scott Freigh looks at a pair of unusual revolvers in 10mm and 41 mag. Don't buy either until you read this.

A Must Read: “Firearm Curiosa” by Lewis Winant

If you've ever read my columns, you're aware that I'm fascinated by oddball firearms. Perhaps you are, too. If so, Winant's Firearms Curiosa is a must-have.

Collecting Vietnam War Firearms

For ease of locating, this broad array of Vietnam War firearms have been divided into sub groupings by type. All the items here are available on the collector market, but some are much more difficult and expensive to obtain than others.

Five Guns I’ll Never Sell – Part I

When first smitten by the gun bug, and until one realizes he really wants to be a collector, our subspecies gathers a variety of pieces just because we like them. I have five guns I will never sell. I may someday decide to present them to a loved one, but never will I simply trade them for cash or other guns.

Video: Smith & Wesson Model 66 .357 Magnum

This video takes a look at a few features of older style revolvers that some shooters and collectors look for, including recessed chambers and pinned barrels. The hard-to-find Smith & Wesson Model 66 is a prime candidate for such gun collectors.


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