High-End Firearms Featured in Old Barn Auction


What: Old Barn Auction will include a number of collectible firearms
Where: Findlay, Ohio and online.
When: April 3-4 auction.
For details: e-mail auction@oldbarn.com or visit www.oldbarn.com.

Some of the high-profile items include Colts, Griffin & Howe, and Winchesters. Below are a few of the items (estimates in parentheses):

Lot 932: Martial Henry Rifle identified to soldier, fine condition ($40,000+)

Lot 933: New Haven Arms Winchester Pistol, excellent condition ($10,000+)

Lot 638: Colt 1848 Baby Dragoon 80% ($6,000+)

Lot 708: U.S. Miners and Sappers Musketoon with bayonet ($4,500+)

Lot 651: Griffin and Howe 37S H & H mag, Excellent ($4,500+)

Lot 650: Winchester Model 70 (pre-64) super grade Safari 45, Winchester
Mag, excellent ($5,000+)


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