The History of Remington Arms: 200 Years and Counting


Most gun owners today are quite familiar with the Remington Arms Company and its diverse line of firearms. Designs such as the Model 700 bolt-action rifle and the Model 870 pump-action shotgun have deservedly afforded this great manufacturer a lasting and expansive legacy.

However, Remington has been around way longer than that. The U.S. manufacturer has a long and fascinating history dating back 200 years to its founding in Ilion, New York, by Eliphalet Remington. And while Remington has opened factories in other parts of the country, one of the most recent being in Hunstville, Alabama, the company still produces firearms at the original Ilion location.

This year marked the company’s bicentennial, and with that great milestone, the company is looking back over its history and its heritage. Although the manufacturer has certainly evolved over the years, much of the family-oriented culture at Remington Arms has remained.

Check out the video above to learn more about the history of this classic American firearms manufacturer.

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