Gun Review: Century International Arms AK-47

The Century AK is built on a US-made milled receiver.
The Century AK is built on a US-made milled receiver.

As importers and manufacturers go, Century is one of the biggies, if not the biggest. And even they had headaches to deal with. When they were importing AK kits, they found many out of spec. As a result, they had to either scrap guns, or make replacement parts. Then the big change in interpretation happened.

The government, in its infinite wisdom (one of these days they are going to notice that I’m so snarky, and there will be headaches for me. Until then, too bad!) decided that barrels were not a normal wear item, and a replacement part. Rational? No. We all know that barrels wear. But, as a scheme to make parts kits importation too expensive to be economically viable, it was a smart move and only a tiny bit fascistic.

Once the supply of imported kits that had Commie-made barrel dried up, the parts kits had to have new, American-made barrels. And that sowed the seed of the next step, which Century has taken.

Enter the all American-made AK! That’s right, a rifle where all the parts are made here in the USA. No need to worry about 922(r) compliance, because that only applies to imported rifles.


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