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Warning about Cheap 123A BatteriesThe picture below is a New York Police Officer’s Glock 22 and M6X light. He was using off brand “cheap” 123A batteries in the light. Quality brand name 123A batteries have a built in circuit breaker to prevent this from happening. This is the only pictures I have as of now.Email:”Officer Safety Alert Glock 22 and Insight M6X?The attached photos are from an explosion and fire incident that occurred with an issued Glock 22 and Insight M6X while driving. This happened to a New York officer. According to him, he heard a popping noise as he was pulling into the courthouse parking lot and saw that his pants were on fire. He jumped out of the car and put the flames out, then once he thought everything was over, the second battery exploded in the light like a “blow torch” (his words). The officer is OK, but the weapon is no longer serviceable.”



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