What's most important?


When people start talking about their training purely in terms of the number of rounds fired, I get concerned. While it is true that marksmanship skills are important, there are other things to consider. First off, think in these terms. If you were to end up in a shooting incident, what is your goal? My goal is to NOT GET SHOT! Yes, it is true that by shooting I can stop the threat, but in order to shoot effectively I need to make sure I'm fully able to participate in the battle. So my first order of business to do my best to stay safe and fight effectively.How do you do that? It starts with situational awareness. In the best-case scenario you are not caught off guard when a situation escalates to gunfire. You see it coming. If possible you take steps to defuse the situation or at least be looking to get to a position of tactical advantage. Think on your feet. Be looking around for good cover and plan a route to that cover. Keep thinking.This type of planning means that you know the difference between cover and concealment. Cover stops bullets. Concealment just gets you out of your adversary's line of sight. If you have to shoot while moving to cover you'd better had trained to do it. You are responsible for every bullet that leaves your muzzle.Train yourself to pay attention. Train yourself to think tactically before you enter a situation and as a situation unfolds around you. The mechanical elements of firing your weapon are very important, but they pale in comparison to your decision making skills. Hone those skills so that if the time comes you don't end up trying to shoot while wounded. I'm sure you've trained for that, but wouldn't rather not be wounded?


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