First Look: Zastava M77 .308 AK


Not imported for over seven years, the Zastava M77 .308 AK is now back in the USA and will be available soon.

At SHOT Show 2022, hidden on the back wall of the Zastava Arms USA booth, there was an unassuming AK with black furniture and a larger-than-usual magazine. Many passed by without an extra glance, but others recognized it as the famed Zastava M77 chambered for .308 that was last imported in 2015. The rifle’s presence at the show was cause for excitement, but much to the disappointment of AK aficionados, all the Zastava rep could answer when asked about future imports was “maybe.” Thankfully, however, that maybe is now a yes.


Two days ago, the official Zastava USA Reddit account posted the above photo to the AK subreddit with a bit of extra good news. He claimed that not only is the Zastava M77 now in-country and shipping out to distributors, but he announced an MSRP of $1,479, lower than what most were anticipating. Atlantic Firearms already has a page posted for the Zastava M77 with details and an even lower listed price of $1,373.99.


Officially called the PAP M77 Rifle, it can fire both .308 Winchester and 7.62x51mm NATO and features a 19.7-inch cold-hammer-forged and threaded barrel. It comes with black synthetic furniture with an adjustable stock, has an adjustable gas system and each rifle will ship with a 20-round magazine. If different furniture is desired, however, the Zastava M77 will also be able to accept Yugo-pattern handguards and buttstocks as well as standard AK pistol grips. A side-scope rail can be found on the left of the receiver as well.

Zastava M77
An M77 as seen at SHOT 2022, sporting different furniture than the final import.

An official release date is not yet known, and Zastava USA doesn’t even have a product page up for it yet. Despite this, all signs point to its release in the near future, so keep an eye out if you want your own Combloc battle rifle.

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