Taylor’s & Company Announces Gunfighter Nickel Revolver

Taylor’s & Company Announces Gunfighter Nickel Revolver

Ergonomics and style come together in the new Taylor’s & Company Gunfighter Nickel revolver series.

Gunfighter Nickel Available Models:

  • .357 MAG | 4.75-Inch
  • .45 LC | 4.75-Inch
  • .357 MAG | 5.5-Inch
  • .45 LC | 5.5-Inch

Pretty enough to be a hung on a wall, Taylor’s & Company’s new Gunfighter Nickel revolver wasn’t made to be a safe queen. Designed with features intended to improve its shootability, the Gunfighter Nickel revolver is also available with Taylor’s tuned action for an even smoother shooting experience. With a choice of two barrel lengths and two calibers, the Gunfighter Nickel revolver should suit your needs whether you’re looking to take it to cowboy action matches or just use it for some classy, old-school home defense.

Gunfighter nickel

The heart of the Gunfighter Nickel revolver is in its grip, which is an 1860 Army style grip attached to the revolver’s otherwise 1873 SAA style frame. This is especially ideal for shooters with larger hands, but even those with more average-sized mitts will likely find the Gunfighter Nickel revolver more ergonomic.

Rob Girard, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, had this to say about Taylor’s & Company’s newest revolver:

“The Gunfighter Nickel is a cool addition to our very popular Gunfighter Series. The nickel-plated revolver has a flashy look with its charcoal blue screws and hand polished action not to mention its available with the unique Taylor Tuned action.”

Gunfighter nickel

Besides looking handsome, the new Gunfighter's nickel finish should be more corrosion resistant than the blued model as well. Whether you’re interested in the .357 Magnum or the .45 Long Colt variant with either the short or long barrel, the MSRP is $704.46. Any of the models ordered with a custom-tuned action will have an MSRP of $850.71.

For more information on Taylor's & Company, please visit taylorsfirearms.com.

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