Youth Shooting: Kick-Eez Junior And Slip-On Recoil Pads

Youth Shooting: Kick-Eez Junior And Slip-On Recoil Pads
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Whether you’re looking to start an aspiring hunter on a full-power shotgun or just a sportsman looking to cut down on shoulder pain, Kick-Eez Junior and Slip-On recoil pads have something to suit your needs.

Kick-Eez Recoil Pad Styles:

  • Grind-To-Fit
  • Pre-Fit
  • Slip-On

Whether it’s hit your radar or not, youth shooting is on the rise. This especially goes for competitive shotgun numbers.

According to data from The National Shooting Sports Foundation and the USA Clay Target League, youth participation rates in hunting and shooting sports improved drastically in 2020 and the trend is projected to continue. Schools and private programs like 4-H have all seen a rising interest in shooting sports over the past few years, and for the sake of the future of American gun culture, this trend should get encouraged as much as possible.

Kick Eez Junior
Kick-Eez Junior is sized right to fit on youth shotguns.

One way, especially for youth just cutting their teeth on shooting, is to make it more accessible. And when it comes to smoothbores, there’s no easier—and inexpensive way to do this—than a recoil pad.

Face it, shotguns have a kick to them, one even big guys notice—not to mention a light-framed youngster. But with the addition of a Kick-Eez Junior Recoil Pad or the company’s Slip-on model, nearly any scattergun is accessible.

Kick-Eez Starting Them Off Right

If starting your kid off with a .410 is the equivalent of signing them up for swimming lessons and handing them a 12-gauge is the equivalent of throwing them in the pool, then giving them a 12-gauge equipped with a Kick-Eez recoil pad is equivalent to throwing them in with floaties on. The latter set of examples both provide the novice with a taste of the real experience, but with an added measure of safety or comfort to make it more palatable.

Kick Eez Slip On
The Slip-On model easily goes on and off any shotgun.

That, essentially is what Kick-Eez Junior and Slip-On recoil pads do. The Junior is a full-time enhancement to a youth shotgun, tailored to and attaching directly to the buttstock of a gun. The nice aspect of this model is that, with Kick-Eez’s spacer system, it also helps modify the length of pull for the perfect fit. While the Slip-On, much as its name suggests, comes on and off at a moment’s notice. A bit more convenient, especially if a youth barrows mom’s or dad’s gun.

Despite their differences, the pads do the same thing—eats recoil. Namely, that’s because both are made from the same material—Sorbothane.

Sorbothane Advantage

Most are saying, what the heck is that? Well, more than a strange name.

Sorbothane is meat-like polymer material developed in the early 1980s that shares some properties with both solids and liquids. It’s like a solid in it maintains its form over time, thus can be made into different products. However, it’s like a liquid when a force acts upon it. Namely, it dissipates energy in all directions, instead of just one.

Kick-Eez spacers
Kick-Eez sparcers allows you to tailor length of pull for any shooter.

Guess what … that’s the perfect stuff to make recoil pads out of. It’s so effective, in fact, Kick-Eez recoil pads absorb about half the felt recoil from a shot, making the use of a full-power shotgun by a smaller person much more feasible and effective. In the guise of the Junior and Slip-On recoil pads, this can provide the difference between a memorable time behind the trigger or a horrible experience that turns a kid off shooting sports.

It also, potential, offers the youth shooter the chance to begin honing their skills earlier with gauges they’ll most likely use as adults. This is important. After safety, success is the name of the game when it comes to introducing youths to shooting. Nothing is more frustrating to a new shooter than walking away from the range without breaking a clay or a hunt without a bird in hand. If a 12- or 20-gauge is tamed so a novice can use and succeed with it, then all the better in endearing them to the sport.

Kick-Eez Options

In addition to the Kick-Eez Junior and Slip-On recoil pads, the company offers a variety of styles and fits that should suit just about anyone’s needs. Between their grind-to-fit, pre-fit and slip-on styles of pads, they should have a Sorbothane solution that’s compatible with your gun. They come in different shapes and thicknesses too depending on what your intended use. Whether you intend to go hunting with magnum slugs or just bust clays all day long, they have a pad for that.

Kick-Eez shapes
Kick-Eez offers options for any shooter, from new youth to seasoned hunter.

While the primary demographics likely to benefit from Kick-Eez recoil pads are novices and youths, a 50 percent decrease in felt recoil is something that all of us could appreciate.

Even when shooting light loads out of a heavy gun, after doing it for hours on end one’s shoulder is prone to get sore. That’s why Kick-Eez recoil pads make for an excellent addition to almost any shotgun. They are affordable and don’t modify your gun in any permanent or negative way. A shotgun with a Kick-Eez pad installed will provide a better shooting experience while hunting with hot loads, blasting clays all day or even when helping to encourage youth in your life to take up shooting sports.

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