Smith & Wesson Announces Performance Center M&P 10mm M2.0

Smith & Wesson Announces Performance Center M&P 10mm M2.0

Smith & Wesson has just announced a new Performance Center variant of the M&P 10mm M2.0 pistol.

The original M&P 10mm M2.0 was announced in 2021, but Smith & Wesson has just released a new Performance Center variant of the pistol. The company says that it took everything great about the original model, then implemented features specifically designed to elevate the gun’s performance. When it comes to 10mm Auto handguns, a few small changes can make a big difference.


The feature that will likely have the greatest impact on the handling of the new Performance Center M&P 10mm M2.0 is its extended and ported barrel. While the original models were only available with either a 4- or 4.6-inch barrel, all Performance Center models feature 5.6-inch barrels that are ported to reduce muzzle rise. It’s also now sporting optic-height tritium night sights and a tuned, flat M2.0 trigger that has a crisp break and an audible reset.


Like the original model, the Performance Center M&P 10mm M2.0 also has an optics-ready slide and ships with the Smith & Wesson C.O.R.E. optic plate system, two 15-round mags and four palmswell grip inserts. Besides the barrel, the tuned trigger and the iron sights, the rest of the pistol’s features are identical to the non-Performance Center model. However, the Performance Center model is only available with a manual thumb safety.


John Myles, Senior Manager of New Products at Smith & Wesson, said this about the new 10mm:

The new Performance Center 10mm was conceived with both the hunter and target shooter in mind. The goal was to build upon the M2.0 10mm series, with the intention of having reduced felt recoil and quicker follow-up shots. Popular features previously seen on other 5.6-inch PC pistols are present in this design and, when paired with the flat-shooting 10mm Auto cartridge, provide the end user a total package for hunting, self-defense, or at the range…

The MSRP for the new Performance Center variant of the M&P 10mm M2.0 is $749 and it’s available now.

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  1. Smith & Wesson has upped their game with the new Performance Center variant of the M&P 10mm M2.0. The extended and ported barrel, upgraded sights, and tuned trigger enhance its performance significantly. Impressive upgrades for 10mm Auto enthusiasts!


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