First Look: The Taurus TH10 In 10mm

First Look: The Taurus TH10 In 10mm

Taurus has just announced the TH10, a full-sized DA/SA handgun chambered for 10mm Auto.

Taurus has been hard at work this year releasing new handguns, including everything from optics-ready revolvers to the TH45 in .45 ACP. The latest release from the Brazilian company is also a DA/SA pistol in the TH line, but this time it’s called the TH10 and is chambered for 10mm Auto.


With a barrel length of 4.25 inches and a 15-round magazine capacity, the TH10 is a full-sized handgun. Featuring a stainless steel barrel, an alloy steel slide and a polymer frame, the whole package weighs 28.5 ounces unloaded. Both the front and rear sights are also drift adjustable, and the rear sight uses the industry-standard dovetail to allow for easy replacement.


Other notable features of the Taurus TH10 include its accessory rail, its inclusion of two magazines and its ambidextrous safety/decocker that can be used to carry the gun cocked-and-locked or with the hammer down. MSRP is $529.99.

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