Taurus Announces The .45 ACP TH45

Taurus Announces The .45 ACP TH45

With the announcement of the Taurus TH45, the company’s TH pistol line is now available in .45 ACP.

The Taurus TH-series are polymer-framed, hammer-fired handguns with double-stack magazines and double-action/single-action triggers. Previously, the TH pistols were only available as either a full-size or compact model chambered for either 9mm or .40 S&W. With the release of the TH45, however, a full-size option will now be available in .45 ACP as well.

Taurus TH45

As a beefed-up, full-size Taurus TH pistol, the TH45 has most of the same features as its little brothers. That means it has the same DA/SA trigger, a thumb safety that doubles as a decocker and a 4.25-inch barrel. The safety also enables cocked-and-locked carry for those who prefer it. Other notable features of the TH45 include its 13-round capacity, its replaceable dovetail sights and its accessory rail for mounting accessories.

Caleb Giddings, Brand Marketing Manager at Taurus, said this about the new pistol:

I can’t think of anything better than launching a 45 ACP the same week as Independence Day…The 45 ACP is a quintessential American cartridge, and the TH45 is the perfect platform from Taurus to expand into this particular caliber.


The Taurus TH45 has an MSRP of $529.99, but product listings from online retailers indicate that street prices are already going to be much lower once they become available.

For more information, please visit taurus.com.

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  1. Waiting to see how this new pistol performs. Have a Glock 21 .45 acp with 13 round mag. Always prefer steel .45acp 1911 firearms,but like is so often stressed and true,only hits count. A lot of loud misses do not draw blood from your attacker. Do not mean to be graphic,but solid,well placed hits are what will deter your crimminal.


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