New Handguns: Bersa’s Updated TPR Line


The newly redesigned TPR line offers an improved trigger, better ergonomics and more features.

How Bersa has evolved this line of DA/SA pistols:

  • The company has smoothed and lightened the double-action pull, ensuring it doesn’t stack.
  • It has shorted the TPR’s reset so follow-up shots are lightning fast.
  • The pistols are available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.
  • The MSRP on the TPR line starts at $508.

Typically, if there is ink spilled over Bersa it's about one in particular model — the Thunder. The compact and generally affordable pistol has won its share of advocates over the years as a solid and unobtrusive concealed carry option. But there’s more to the Argentinian gunmaker than its diminutive .380s.


While perhaps not as well known as its little brother, the Bersa Thunder Pro line nonetheless has squared itself away as a performer in the DA/SA marketplace. And in 2018, Bersa has given shooters more reasons to give the full-sized and compact configurations a look with the next generation of the line — the TPR series.

“We’re excited to bring this next generation of Bersa TPRs to American consumers,” said Michael Sodini, president of Eagle Imports. “Once available only to military and law enforcement personnel, it’s always offered rugged durability and impressive accuracy. This new evolution makes the TPR officially one of my favorites for self-defense and sport.”

Where Bersa has concentrated its redesign efforts with the TPR series, primarily, is on one of the main sticky points of DA/SA pistols — the trigger. The company has smoothed out the double-action pull, ensuring it doesn’t stack, and lightened so it consistently breaks. Furthermore, the reset is minuscule, giving it a lightning-fast transition from initial to follow-up shot.

Bersa has trimmed the grip of the TPR as well, giving shooters more reach to the trigger and more ability to get a solid purchase on the pistol. Moreover, the company has improved the overall ergonomics with small tweaks, such an amply undercut trigger guard and improved grip texturing. A bonus, Bersa has also made TPR pistols more lefty friendly, with ambidextrous decocker and slide release. Though, the magazine release still remains exclusively right-hand oriented.


Additionally, the aluminum frame and slide have seen enhancements, with serration added to the fore of the slide and grip texturing at the front of the frame for thumb support and a memory position for indexing.

The full-sized TPR model comes chambered in 9 mm and has a 4.25 barrel, while the 3.25-inch barreled compact configuration is available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Other notable features include integrated Picatinny accessory rail, compatibility with SIG Sauer aftermarket sights and loaded-chamber indicator.

In line with most of the rest of the market, the handguns' MSRP starts at $508 and are presently available at Bersa dealers.

For more information please check out:

TPR Specs
Caliber: 9 mm
Action: DA/SA
Capacity: 17+1
Barrel Length: 4.25″
Front Sight: Interchangeable Sig Sauer Type
Rear Sight: Interchangeable Sig Sauer Type
Finishes: Duotone, Matte Black
Grips: Textured Black Polymer
Construction: Alloy Frame / Steel Slide
Safety: Decocker, Manual, Firing Pin
Weight: 30.7 oz.
Length: 7.56″
Height: 5.5”
Width: 1.45″

TPR Compact Specs
Caliber: 9 mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP
Action: DA/SA
Capacity: 13+1 (9 mm), 10+1 (.40 S&W), 7+1 (.45 ACP)
Barrel Length: 3.25″ (9 mm), 3.6″ (.40 S&W). 3.6″ (.45 ACP)
Front Sight: Interchangeable Sig Sauer Type
Rear Sight: Interchangeable Sig Sauer Type
Finishes: Duotone, Matte Black
Grips: Textured Black Polymer
Construction: Alloy Frame / Steel Slide
Safety: Intergal Locking System, Manual, Firing Pin
Weight: 23 oz (9 mm), 23 oz (.40 S&W), 27 oz (.45 ACP)
Length: 6.5”(9 mm), 6.5″ (.40 S&W), 6.8″ (.45 ACP)
Height: 4.75″ (9 mm), 4.75″ (.40 S&W), 5.1″ (.45 ACP)
Width: 1.45″

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