Video: A Look at Trigger Control for Defensive Shooting

Video: A Look at Trigger Control for Defensive Shooting

Of all the different factors influencing an accurate shot, none is perhaps more important than the trigger pull.

But the mechanics of depressing the trigger can vary, depending on the situation. In the above video, Gun Digest author and firearms instructor Rob Pincus draws a bead on trigger control for defensive firearms. And really, the name of the game is consistency, making sure that each pull is as smooth as the one before it.

One of the great things about focusing on trigger pull, in addition to better groupings, is how easy and affordable it is to master. Through dry fire, the finer aspects of a defensive firearms' pull can be honed with out spending money on ammo or even having to leave your home.

Getting Defensive

Handgun TrainingWhether you are shooting to brush up on your defensive handgun skills or are working to formulate a comprehensive self-defense plan, Grant Cunningham and Rob Pincus have you covered. Cunningham’s new book Handgun Training gives you all the ins and outs of mastering pistol and revolver marksmanship. While Pincus’ classic Defend Yourself delves into tactics of staying safe when at or away from home.defend-yourself


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