First Look: Springfield Armory Ronin EMP

First Look: Springfield Armory Ronin EMP

Springfield Armory’s Ronin EMP 1911s combine two popular pistol families into one, bringing two new light yet rugged guns that are ideal for concealed carry.

When it comes to Springfield Armory 1911s, EMP stands for “Enhanced Micro Pistol”, not “Electromagnetic pulse.” This is because Springfield EMP 1911s were designed from scratch to be chambered for 9mm, allowing their frame, grip radius and barrel to all be reduced in size. Due to their more concealable nature, EMPs have been a popular carry choice since they became available, but now Springfield is giving the family a makeover with the release of the new Ronin EMP line.

Ronin EMP Feature

Springfield’s existing Ronin 1911s have also proven to be popular, boasting subtle, modern upgrades to otherwise traditional guns. While Ronins have previously been available in 9mm, their full-sized frames made them a less popular choice than the .45 ACP or 10mm variants. Now, the unveiling of the Ronin EMP family is likely to change that. Available in two compact sizes of the already shrunk-down EMP frame, the Ronin EMP pistols bring the upgrades of the Ronin line to the small, 9mm frames of the EMP series. Available with either a 3-inch barrel and 9-round magazine or with a 4-inch barrel and 10-round mag, the new Ronin EMP pistols look like a good new carry option for those who prefer the 1911 platform.

Ronin EMP 3 inch

Like all Springfield 1911s, the Ronin EMP guns feature a forged steel slide and barrel and a forged alloy frame. The “Ronin Treatment” features on the new pistols include a two-tone finish, wood grips, fiber-optic front sights, Tactical Rack rear sights and an extended beavertail with a memory bump. These all help to make the Ronin EMP 1911s modern, functional and lightweight while remaining traditional, stylish and rugged. Both models have an MSRP of $849 and are shipping now.

Ronin EMP 4 inch

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