The SFX9: Wilson Combat’s Take On The High-Capacity Subcompact


Wilson Combat gives their EDC X9 the subcompact treatment with the new 15-round SFX9.


  • 9x19mm Para.
  • 15-Round Capacity
  • Solid Aluminum Frame
  • 3.25-Inch Match-Grade Barrel
  • Concealment Controls
  • Light Rail
  • Base Price: $2,895

Subcompact, high capacity 9mm handguns are the most recent trend in the CCW world. Guns like the Ruger MAX9 and the Sig P365XL have been pushing the limits of how small a gun can be while still having a large magazine and being comfortable to shoot. The new Wilson Combat 15-round SFX9 may not be a direct competitor to these other models, but its release was clearly inspired by some recent market trends.

SFX9 right

Based on the classic 1911 design that Wilson Combat is known for, the SFX9 can never be quite as small, light or inexpensive as the striker-fired polymer-framed guns that are currently dominating the industry. While the SFX9 may not be the most concealable option available, it offers advantages in other areas that are sure to appeal to Wilson Combat’s target demographic. Expert manufacturing paired with innovative design changes have allowed Wilson Combat to bring the 1911 into the 21st century as a completely viable defense weapon for those who can afford one, and their new SFX9 is one of their most attractive options for concealed carry.

On The Belt

The SFX9 utilizes Wilson’s solid frame construction techniques, milling a single block of T6-7075 aluminum into a single, extra durable 1911 frame. The use of aluminum helps to bring the gun’s weight down to just a hair below 30 ounces unloaded, making it much more comfortable for prolonged carrying sessions. Additionally, the SFX9’s hammer, safety, mag release and rear sight have been streamlined to aid in concealment and enable a snag-free draw. These features paired with the 3.25-inch-long barrel make this 1911 about as comfortable to carry as is possible with a 100+ year-old design.

SFX9 left

In The Hand

When Wilson Combat sets out to make a gun, even more thought is put into how it shoots than how it carries. Wilson Combat guns have a high expectation of accuracy, reliability and ergonomics, so the SFX9 had to be just as nice at the range as it is in the holster. To help balance the SFX9’s lightweight aluminum frame, its grip shape and angle were altered to help better control recoil. The grip also has Wilson Combat X-Tac tread pattern to help the shooter get solid purchase while firing. The famous accuracy of Wilson Combat 1911s should be easy to achieve with the available sight options for the SFX9. Tritium and fiber optics in various colors are available for the front sight, and the rear of the slide can be ordered cut to mount a red dot straight from the factory.

9mm 1911s have historically had worse reliability than their .45 ACP counterparts. For a long time, even the highest quality 9mm 1911s were notoriously picky about the kind of ammo fed to them. Wilson Combat has seemingly resolved this however with their Enhanced Reliability System or ERS. The rails, lock-up and even extractor have been modified to reliably cycle any power of 9mm load, regardless of how dry or dirty the gun is (within reason). The two 15-round mags that come in the box are made by Mec-Gar in Italy who seem to have a global monopoly on high-quality double-stack pistol magazines, even acting as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for several prominent companies. Their SFX9 mags have been designed with a special 9mm follower to ensure reliability.

SFX9 field stripped

The Wilson Combat SFX9 looks like an excellent new CCW piece for those looking for a small, high-capacity 9mm handgun. While it may not be as small as some of the other “deep concealment” options available today, the difference in shooting experiences will reveal where your extra money went.

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