The R7 Mako: Kimber’s First Polymer Micro-Compact 9mm

The R7 Mako: Kimber’s First Polymer Micro-Compact 9mm

Mostly known for their high-quality 1911s and revolvers, Kimber has decided to take on the modern CCW pistol with their new R7 Mako.

Kimber R7 Mako Features:

  • Polymer-Framed, Striker-Fired
  • 9mm With an 11+1 Or 13+1 Capacity
  • Performance, Flat-Faced Trigger
  • Optics Cut Slide
  • Included Tritium Night Sights
  • Fully Ambidextrous Controls

Kimber is no stranger to the concealed carry market. Their compact 1911s, Micro 9s and Evos have been many individual’s CCW gun of choice for quite some time. While all fine pistols, due to their 1911 design origins they were subject to certain limitations. Now as micro-compact polymer-framed 9mms continue to dominate the CCW market, Kimber has decided to follow suit with the release of their R7 Mako pistol.

R7 Mako

Performance Carry Trigger

The R7 Mako began its development after Kimber asked concealed carriers what qualities they prioritized in their carry pistols. The top two responses were a good trigger and a large magazine capacity, laying down the framework that would become the R7 Mako. Kimber decided that the best way to achieve this in a striker-fired gun would be with their flat-faced Performance Carry Trigger. From the factory the pull weight should be between 5 and 6.75 pounds, but special attention was given to ensure it has consistent travel and a crisp break. The flat face, short pull and clean break should all assist in making accurate hits under stress, exactly what the R7 was designed for.

The issue of capacity was addressed with double-stack magazines, something that Kimber isn’t overly familiar with coming from a 1911 background. Each R7 Mako ships with two magazines, a flush-fitting 11-round mag and one 13-round extended mag. In terms of capacity, this brings it on par with the Springfield Hellcat which is likely the R7’s main competitor. Kimber claims that a 15-round mag will be available soon as well.

R7 Mako mags

Optics Ready Or Optics Installed

Both available models of Kimber R7 Mako come optics ready right from the box, but only one comes with an optic pre-installed. The slides are cut for a Shield-pattern RMSc footprint and can mount any compatible optic, but the Optics Installed (OI) model includes a Crimson Trace CTS-1500. Both models also include tritium night-sights which are designed to be co-witnessed with your optic of choice. As red dot sighted CCW pistols increase in popularity, it’s good to see companies like Kimber adapt to the trend by making an optics cut slide the standard configuration for their new carry piece.

R7 Mako sights

As a micro-compact, achieving good ergonomics on the R7 wasn’t easy. Kimber addressed this issue with aggressive, wrap-around grip texturing as well as fully ambidextrous controls. This means that despite its small size it should be easy to maintain a solid grip while shooting and can be operated with either hand. The OR model R7 Mako has an MSRP of $599 and the OI model with a Crimson Trace has an MSRP of $799.

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