First Look: EAA Girsan MCP35 PI

First Look: EAA Girsan MCP35 PI

EAA has just announced the importation of the Girsan MCP35 PI, a short-barreled Browning Hi Power clone designed for concealed carry.

Hi Powers have come back in a big way over the past few years, with Springfield, FN and the Turkish company Girsan all iterating on the design with new models. While Springfield’s SA35 is a mostly traditional model and FN’s is a near-total reimagining, Girsan seems to be aiming for the Goldilocks zone between originality and innovation. The newest model in Girsan’s lineup to be imported by EAA is called the MCP35 PI, and it features a shorter barrel for easier carry.


This isn’t the first Hi Power with a short barrel to be produced, and the “PI” in the new MCP35 PI’s name is likely a reference to the short “Detective” models that preceded it. In most ways it’s just a standard Hi Power clone, meaning that it has much in common with Girsan’s full-size model. Both the MCP35 and MCP35 PI have a windage-adjustable rear drift sight, an ambidextrous safety, a slim trigger and a ring-style hammer to prevent bite. They’re both chambered for 9mm Parabellum, but the MCP35 PI features a 3.88-inch barrel instead of a 4.87-inch one. Both models also have full-size frames and feed from modern 15-round Hi Power mags which have become the standard.


Chase Duffey, National Sales and Import Manager at EAA Corp., said this about the new model:

Not only did Girsan find a way to make the already popular MCP35 family of handguns easier to carry but they have found another great market for our retailers to capitalize on…We’ve already seen a huge demand for the more compact MCP35 PI.

The MCP35 PI is not yet available, but EAA promises they should be hitting store shelves soon. The MSRP is also not yet known but it will likely not be significantly higher than the full-size model’s MSRP of $563.

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