Bond Arms’ PT2A Handgun: The 2nd Amendment Right In Your Pocket

Bond Arms’ PT2A Handgun: The 2nd Amendment Right In Your Pocket
Bond Arms PT2A

Some people memorize the 2nd Amendment, others carry a pocket constitution. Why do that when you could have it engraved right on your gun? The Bond Arms PT2A is a little pistol with a lot of style.

Bond Arms PT2A
Bond Arms PT2A.

A Modern Derringer:

  • 2 Model Choices
  • 4 Caliber Choices
  • Rosewood Grips
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Included Leather Holster

Not Just For Doc Holiday

Bond Arms got their start when they realized that derringer-style pistols needn’t be relegated to cowboy movies or Wild West reenactors. The two-shot, double-barreled pocket gun once favored by gamblers still has a place in the modern concealed carry world. Perhaps not as a primary carry piece, as not even the most skilled shooters would recommend only carrying a two-shot gun. But for a deep-concealed backup pistol you’d be hard pressed to find one much smaller. Bond Arms' Protect The 2nd Amendment, or PT2A for short, puts a new twist on their old line of derringers.

Legend has it that Doc Holiday actually did die with a derringer in his hotel room. Not just any derringer either, but a Remington Model 95, the same classic model that Bond Arms based their design on.


19th Century Concepts Meet 21st Century Engineering

Unlike the original Remington Model 95, the Bond Arms PT2A handgun is built from stainless steel using modern construction techniques. The result is a gun just as small as its predecessor but with a lot bigger punch. Capable of withstanding much higher chamber pressures, the Bond Arms PT2A’s two variants can fire four different modern calibers. One version is chambered for .38 Special and .357 Magnum, while the other can take either .45 Long Colt or .410 bore shotgun shells. Whichever chambering you choose, just know that you’re doing a lot better than the anemic .41 Short found in an original Remington 95.

Other features found on Bond Arms derringers help bring the gun to modern safety standards. The PT2A has retracting firing pins, a cross-bolt safety, a spring-loaded cam-lock lever, and a rebounding hammer. These elements ensure that you can carry your PT2A without worrying about it going off in your pocket. Despite this, please remember that carrying in a holster that covers the trigger is always safer than pocket-carry.

Speaking of holsters, the Bond Arms PT2A comes with a BAD premium leather driving holster. The “2nd A” embossed on the side makes the holster thematically consistent with the engraved derringer it houses, and the brown leather compliments the gun’s wooden grips.

PT2A in holster.
PT2A in holster.

Other modern features of the PT2A include extractors that automatically eject spent casings and the ability to swap the engraved 4.25 inch barrel with any other standard Bond Arms barrel. Alternate barrel length options range between 2.5 inches to 6 inches. Keep in mind that changing the barrel also means losing the words of the Second Amendment that are engraved on the original. MSRP for the PT2A is $887.

Protect Yourself While Protecting the 2nd Amendment

By purchasing a PT2A, your support for the Second Amendment couldn’t be more apparent. Not only are the words of the Second Amendment proudly engraved into the side of the pistol’s barrel, but “2nd A” can also be found on the carved, high gloss rosewood grips and on the holster as well.
It’s not just symbolic support, either. With every purchase of a PT2A, Bond Arms donates a portion of the profits to organizations that fight to protect gun rights in the United States. Whether you’re in the market for a practical little derringer for defense, or for a piece of patriotic art to hang on the wall, the Bond Arms’ PT2A is a good choice both mechanically and aesthetically.

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