Video: Fundamentals Of Shooting On The Move


Learn to accurately shoot on the move, and you'll give yourself a leg up in a self-defense situation.

There's an old adage concerning gunfighting: “If you aren't moving you ought to be shooting, and if you aren't shooting you ought to be moving.” Sound and self-evident advice. Yet, it perhaps misses one important point: You should learn to shoot on the move.

While it sounds simple on paper, incorporating movement into shooting is a tall task. If for any reason, it's difficult to maintain accuracy while scooting around. Think about it this way, you practice breath control to limit minute body movement when breaking a shot, which pales to hoofing it around.

Learn How To Run Your Defensive Pistol:

Though, dynamic marksmanship isn't a lost cause. In fact, it's a potent arrow to have in your self-defense quiver, giving you the ability to escape danger, while at the same time neutralizing it. Mastering the shooting on the scoot is just a matter of practice and proper technique.

The key is body control. Up top, you must provide a stable platform to stay on target by minimizing torso and arm movement. Down below, you've got to get where you're going, while minimizing the shock of each step. A tricky balance to achieve, to say the least, but achievable with enough practice and well worth the effort. If you can get down dynamic shooting with a handgun, you most certainly have an advantage over most other shooters.

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