Video: The Advantage Of Shooting From The Kneeling Position


Learning to shoot from a kneeling position is an important skill for self-defense and gives you a marked advantage.

It’s easy to get into a rut training, even when it’s defensive training. Yeah, at the range you’ll work on your stance, trigger control, sight alignment and other important fundamentals. Key as these may be, there’s a likelihood you’ll neglect some more practical skills that, in many cases, might prove lifesavers in a lethal-force encounter. Such as the vital ability to shoot from a kneeling position.

Be it to utilize low-lying concealment or cover, present a smaller target or potentially improve your accuracy, this low position is an important arrow in your quiver. Luckily, you can master shooting from a kneeling position with a little know-how and some practice.

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In all, there are two kneeling positions: single and double knee. The single allows the opportunity for a bit more accuracy, given you can use your up knee (generally your support side) as a rest. It’s much the same as you find with hunters, who use the position to steady their rifle. The double knee, on the other hand, might be slightly quicker to assume and allows for a little more side-to-side movement – if you happen to be behind cover.

Generally, the most challenging aspects of either kneeling position are assuming them correctly and then standing back up. But if you add them to your defensive skill set you’ll have a marked advantage in a self-defense situation.

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