Video: Top AR-15 Optics Options


Check Out these top AR-15 optics, certain to get you on target no matter your range or application.

An AR-15 on its own, pretty dang good. With the right optic, incredible.

Thanks to the advances in aiming solutions, there is an option for nearly every conceivable application today. Given its versatility, no single firearm has reaped a greater benefit from these breakthroughs than America’s favorite rifle — the AR-15. Yet, this incredible diversity of optics has put shooters in a switch. More than ever, scopes and red-dot sights are specialized, engineered to excel at a few purposes or single specific one. Yes, yes … all of them are meant to get you on target, but different options shine at different ranges and under different circumstances.

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Take the Aimpoint Compc3 red dot, Modern Sportsman’s John Tupy highlights in the video. If you were searching for a fast acquisition optic, ideal for a defensive AR or one used in up-close hunting, say in thick timber, you’d be spot on with this 1x choice. However, if your effective range went out to 100-yard and beyond, then it begins to struggle. It's not Aim Point fault — they're as good a name as you can get. Simply, you're pushing that particular optic past its parameters.

So before going out and spend your hard-earned money on an optic that may or may not suit your needs, consider:

  • Range: How far you’ll shoot a majority of the time dictates the magnification you’ll need.
  • Application: How you plan to use your firearm – hunting, competition, defense – gives you a solid clue on the best type.
  • Compatibility: How well it fits into your overall system gives you an idea of the size and weight of the optic that might best suit your gun.
  • Cost: Self-explanatory, but make sure you can afford the dang thing.

Like everything in firearms, forethought goes a long way in making the proper choice and getting the most out of your gun. If you know what you’re setting your sights on, you’re more likely to hit the mark with a quality optic.

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