Video: Learning To Shoot On The Move


Though not difficult, mastering shooting on the move is a matter of learning to walk all over again.

Most folks go to the range and become razor sharp at printing trim groups standing in one spot. Might sound kosher, but there’s more to shooting — the practical kind — than static performance off the firing line. Movement, be it transitioning targets in competition or the tactical variety that might save your rear, is a real-world likelihood. In short, the ability to accurately shoot while on the scoot is a leg up of which every shooter should strive.

Few people know more about dynamic handgun skills than Mark Redl, and the pro shooter is a huge advocate of learning to shoot on the move. He demystifies much of what goes into mastering the skill in the above video, and it’s less daunting than you might think. All in all, it’s simply a process of learning to walk all over again.

More than anything, retaining accuracy on the move is a matter of body control. Up top, your torso and arms must provide a stable platform to keep your shots on target. Down below, your legs have to get you where you need to go, while minimizing the shock of each step. It’s a tricky balance, but achievable with enough practice and well worth the effort. If you can get down dynamic shooting with a handgun, you most certainly have an advantage over most other shooters.

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