Video: How To Shoot Steel Targets Safely


It's not simply a mount-and-shoot affair, steel targets take special consideration.

Once you start banging steel, it difficult to stop. Whether you’re talking about blazing through magazine after magazine in a Steel Challenge match or honing your handgunning skills on a piece of your land, the satisfying gong when you strike a steel target is addictive. And it's cost effective to boot.

Like everything with shooting, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to popping steel targets. Unlike paper shooting targets or the synthetic variety, cold-hard steel requires some serious consideration before jumping into the line of fire. Contrary to popular opinion, they’re not simply a mount-and-shoot affair.

A lifetime of punishing steel plate, Mark Redl is more than familiar with some of the shooting target’s unique challenges and hazards, and what can go wrong when throwing caution to the wind. For the pro shooter for Aguila Ammunition, the two main concerns — ricochet and spall. Looming over each and every shot at steel, the risks are mitigable and year’s of enjoyment possible if you take certain precautions.

More than anything, safely shooting steel targets is a matter of making certain your equipment is in working order and you’re at a safe distance. Pockmarks have the potential of sending a bullet careening in a dangerous direction and shooting any closer than 10-yard ups the potential of catching a bullet shard when it smashes into the target.
Good equipment goes a long way in diminishing risk as well; a strong, hard steel plate target is less likely scare and quality safety glasses ensure errant fragments don’t cause serious damage. Follow these tips and you’ll find shooting steel not only safe, but plum irresistible.

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