SHOT Show 2019: NiteSite’s Innovative Day/Night Scope


Sun up or down, NiteSite’s new day/night scope will keep you on the hunt longer.

What’s better than shooting in the day? Also, shooting at night. More and more this is becoming a reality with the advancements in night vision scopes.

Much less arduous an ordeal than in the past, the optics have become less bulky and more affordable over the years. More importantly with day/night scopes growing in availability, they’ve also become more convenient and flexible than ever before. The result, scopes that not only keep you on target, but allow you to stay in the field longer, with much less kit to haul around.

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NiteSite is at the vanguard of this multi-purpose optics movement and released a real doozy at the 2019 SHOT Show. At a glimpse, it’s difficult to peg the British company’s new day/night optic as a night vision scope. Certainly, bigger than a run-of-the-mill riflescope, relative to most other night rigs it’s downright miniscule. Furthermore, NiteSite has made it as simple as a trigger-pull to operate. The scope toggles from day to night mode with a simple turn of a dial. Plus, video recording in night vision is a pushbutton affair.

To be sure, where applicable, a night vision scope gives you a decided advantage on the hunt. And NiteSite has made harnessing that power more accessible and adaptable than ever.

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