SHOT Show 2019: Aguila Ammunition’s Limited Run Of 5mm RRM


Back for a limited time, Aguila Ammunition's run of 5mm RRM should get the rimfire's fans' collective hearts thumping.

How Aguila has breathed new life into the 5mm RRM:

  • Difficult to find current factory-produced ammunition.
  • Great bridge caliber between the .17 mags and .22 mag.
  • Available in 30-grain jacketed hollow point and semi-jacketed hollow point loads.
  • Each load is hot — muzzle velocity of 2,300 fps.
  • Available in boxes of 50 with MSRP of $30.

A white whale among rimfire enthusiasts, 5mm RRM (Remington Rimfire Magnum) ammo isn’t just a need it’s an obsession. Abundant it is not.

For the everyday 5mm fan, getting fodder for a rifle chambered in the somewhat obscure caliber — most likely a Remington 591 or 992 — is an exercise in eternal hope. Generally, what’s available is squirreled away vintage stock from the 1970s or so that’s been moldering away in the corner of a gunroom or basement. When it pops up sporadically on gun-haggling sites it generally commands a princely sum. But if you have a trigger finger itching for 5mm, what other option do you have? Certainly not reloading.

More Rimfire Information:

Given this, it’s no wonder Aguila Ammunition made such big waves recently with its limited run of 5mm RRM. The first 5mm factory ammo to come out in a spell, maybe twice a spell, means only one thing — time to stock up! Otherwise, that 5mm of yours is going to go hungry for a long time or you're going to pay through the nose to feed it.

Rimfire shooters certainly can’t be disappointed with Aguila taking it upon themselves to roll out ammo for this now uncommon caliber. The company has squared itself away as a rimfire ammunition expert, with a high-performing flavor for nearly any situation. In the case of its 5mm run, Aguila loaded its bottle-necked beauties fairly hot with the 30-grain jacketed hollow point and semi-jacketed hollow point bullets leaving the muzzle at 2,300 fps. This sort of velocity — plus the caliber — the 5mm RRM becomes a nearly perfect bridge between the .17 WSM and .17 HMR and the .22 WMR. At least, it will be dynamite on any varmint unlucky enough to come within 50-yards of you.

Both loads come in boxes of 50 and have an MSRP of $30. The ammunition is presently available, but Aguila will cease production at the end of February 2019.

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