SHOT Show 2019: CZ Expands The P-10 Series


Introducing full-sized and sub-compact P-10 models, CZ offers a full-catalog of striker-fireds to shooters.

Met with fanfare when released a couple years back, CZ’s latest foray into the striker-fired pistol market hasn’t disappointed. The P-10 proved a studied take on the popular style of pistol, which quickly earned it not only kudos, but a fairly dedicated following in what continues to be a crowded market. CZ hasn’t rested on its laurels when it comes to the polymer-framed handgun line, with a number of additions and upgrades to the P-10 series showcased at the 2019 SHOT Show.

Scuttledbutted about since last summer, the belles of the ball at the firearms/outdoors expo where the freshly unveiled full-sized P-10 F and sub-compact P-10 S. Bookending the compact P-10 C, with which CZ launched the series, the company now has a full catalog of 9mm striker-fireds to cover nearly any shooter’s tastes or needs. The P-10 F is of particular interest, offering up a lot of pistol, including a 4.5-inch barrel, 28-ounce weight and 19+1 capacity. That should do it for about any shooting situation of which you could conceive.

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Of note, both the P-10 F and P-10 S are available optics ready, additionally, there is a suppressor-ready model in the full-sized pistol, as well. Across the board in the P-10 series, CZ has also updated the magazine release, making it ambidextrous and smoother to operate. It should no longer require a break-in period to achieve the action most shooters desire.

For what has been known as a hammer-gun company to most over the years, CZ continues to prove they're an apt hand in the striker-fired market and continue to give shooters plenty of reasons to consider the P-10.

P-10 F Specs:
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 19+1
Sights: Three Dot
Barrel Length: 4.5 inches
Width: 1.26 inches
Weight: 28.2 ounces
MSRP: $524

P-10 S Specs:
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 12+1
Sights: Tritium night sight, rear serrated combat sight
Barrel Length: 3.5 inches
Width: 1.26 inches
Weight: 24.4 ounces
MSRP: $577

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