Have a weapon… use it.


The truncated version of the Florida School Board Shooting video claims to show how fast things happen. Not so fast there, Hoss.


Here is the entire incident, minus the gunman shooting himself.



The incident lasts six minutes. Look at the video and see if you can count the opportunities to take the fight to the gunman. Only one person, an elderly woman, was brave enough to go back in there and confront the man. She wasted her opportunity by using a soft object to strike at the man's gun hand. Get a brick, board, bottle or baton and hit him HARD in the head! Repeatedly! She needed training and a weapon capable of creating dysfunction.

When that chance was gone the gunman approached at least two members of the board face to face with his gun down. Someone should have been carrying OC or a knife. Action defeats reaction! You have six men in the room. When the shooter is on the same side of the desk as the board it was time to attack. When the woman with the purse was in the room, the shooter turned his back to the board with his hands at his waist. Pin the gun to the waist and give him the bums's rush. Use your knife to slash the gun arm until it doesn't work. Fight back!

Later the shooter approached the desk with the gun down low…face to face with a board member. Again time for a blast of OC or a slash to the throat or face. Then get moving. Look for an escape route.

Granted, it is easy for me to talk from here at my desk. But the idea that we should not fight back, or that things unfold too quickly for us to react is fallacy. The board president begged while the gun was pointed at him. He had time enough to duck and crawl for the door!  One armed school board member could have saved them all before the nutjob started shooting. One armed security guard did save them. But is was a gun free school zone, wasn't it. A lot of good those signs did. Get a weapon and carry it, concealed, everywhere!


  1. Have always been a proponent of IF YOU CAN ESCAPE WITHOUT HARM, DO SO.   IF, others are in danger of being killed or seriously injured and you are SURE you understand the circumstances of who is the GOOD GUY and WHO is BAD GUY, and you can do something about it,,, take action.  Attack, Attack, throw the other party off guard so whatever he has planned is out the window.  You should have something with you for self-defense or you are playing the role of SHEEP and the Sheep when attacked are dead.   If you cannot carry a gun legally (School is like a free card to shoot someone without difficulty, and don’t think the BG aren’t aware of this fact.  Make you own decision on this.  Had a close friend and student from CCW class, teaching at college, with an Iranian student who was incensed that a lowly Woman was giving a deserved Failing Grade and due to Florida’s CCW law, the gun must stay in the car and even there it’s a grey area.  The Iranian student was acting violently, crazy in class and yelling in front of students he was going to kill her.  When I heard what was going on.. told her she was crazy.. either get the College Administration to remove the student <the Adm. was appraised of situation and refused due to discrimination lawsuits threatened by Iranian’s family> and that said,, asked my friend if it would be better Dead or Alive fighting in Court, and her decision    would later save her life…..matter of personal choice ), have a knife and/or pepper spray, an asp expanding baton, something.   When the other party has a gun, much less is threatening to use said gun.. the time for talking and negotiating is over with.  Glad this one turned out OK,, but their could have six dead school board members and with a reload who knows how many more.   Hate to depend on LUCK in a Life or Death situation.  davzway beea


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