NAGR: Petition Campaign Helps Free Brian Aitken


NAGR: Petition Campaign Helps Free Brian AitkenLast Thursday the National Association for Gun Rights’ New Jersey Ground Team delivered over 25,000 petitions to Governor Christie’s office, demanding the release and full pardon of Brian Aitken.

If you remember, Mr. Aitken was convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison in New Jersey for never actually committing a crime.

After moving from Colorado, Aitken had followed all of the absurd laws of New Jersey to a tee, only to be imprisoned for those same laws after a judge — intent on not making the case a “referendum on the Second Amendment” — threw out most of the evidence proving Aitken’s innocence.

Despite strong reservations, the jury was left with little choice but to convict.

I asked you to sign a petition demanding Governor Christie grant the full pardon and release of Mr. Aitken.

In response, you and other National Association for Gun Rights members unleashed an avalanche of real political pressure on Governor Christie to stand up for the Second Amendment.

I am proud to say that all the petitions — more than 25,000 of them — were successfully delivered to Governor Christie’s office.

It’s tough for any politician not to notice that many signatures. Read more

Source: National Association for Gun Rights

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