Teaching Concealed Carry — For Charity!

Teaching Concealed Carry — For Charity!

In Florida, Levy County Sheriff's Lt. Scott Finnen raises money for charity in a really unique way: by teaching concealed carry classes. “Finnen had raised more than $20,000 for families in need, his church and other causes by conducting classes needed to earn a state concealed weapons permit,” the Gainesville Sun reported.

“As a training officer at the Sheriff's Office, I have to teach first aid, I have to teach CPR. But you don't have to pay me to work on the range,” Finnen said. “The classes are growing. Every time I do one, people call me and want to help.”

Finnen first taught a carry class to help others in October 2009, when a mother of five, who was a member of his church, was accidently killed while jogging. The class raised $5,000 for the woman’s family.

“With the success of the first class, Finnen held another when his friend, Dixie County Sheriff's Capt. Chad Reed, was shot and killed in January by a man who was fleeing Hernando County after allegedly shooting several people there. Pickett Weaponry of Newberry contributed by donating profits from a gun sale, he added.”

“We did one of the largest pistol classes around, and we raised over $8,000,” Finnen explained. “When I put the word out for Chad, lots of people wanted to help. The money went to his children's funds for college and other needs.”

Gainesville Sun 12/12/10

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