Escort DF12: The Newest AR-Pattern Shotgun

Escort DF12: The Newest AR-Pattern Shotgun

Imported from Turkey, the new Escort DF12 is a rugged, semi-auto 12-gauge with familiar handling and controls.


DF12 Specs:

  • 12-Gauge, 3″ Magnum Chamber
  • 18-Inch Barrel
  • 8.9 Pounds
  • 5+1 Capacity
  • 5 Included Chokes (F, IM, M, IC, CYL)

Turkey is one of largest producers of shotguns in the world, and Hatsan USA imports many different models into the United States. Their popularity around the globe is partly due to their affordability, and while the Escort DF12 may not be the cheapest shotgun Hatsan has to offer, it’s easy to see where the extra money is going.

Escort DF12, black
Escort DF12, black.


The Escort DF12 is constructed from robust aircraft-grade metal alloy, with both the upper and lower receivers built tough enough to handle the hottest of 12-gauge magnum slugs. Its barrel has been hard chrome-plated to prevent oxidation and withstand wear.

The Cerakote finish offered in either black or FDE provides good resistance against the elements as well.


The DF12 is chambered for 3-inch magnum shells, but Hatsan claims that it will reliably cycle 2 ¾-inch shells too. It includes a 5-piece choke system that can accommodate everything from slugs to birdshot.

These features enable the DF12 to be a suitable choice for hunting a variety of game as well as for trapshooting or home defense.

The DF12’s charging handle is also reversible, making it ideal for both left- and right-handed shooters.

Familiar Handling

Patterned after the most popular rifle in America, the DF12 should be easy to learn and use for anyone who is at all familiar with the AR-15. The included carry handle/rear sight assembly was directly copied from the AR, and its stock and pistol grip appear that they can be swapped out for standard aftermarket AR-15 parts as well.

The included stock features an adjustable comb height, allowing for a proper sight picture regardless of whether you are running irons or a red dot. Picatinny rails on top of the receiver and handguards provide for ample space to mount an optic, and the railing underneath the handguard is ideal for the included angled foregrip or any other accessories.

DF12 Angled Grip
DF12 handguard with included angled foregrip.

This shotgun includes a lot of extra modularity and features not seen on similar semi-auto, magazine-fed designs, and it even comes with flip-up fiber optic TruGlo sights. It ships with a 5-round magazine in the box, and 2-rounders are also available for purchase. These may be fine for hunting, but for a shotgun that seems to have been designed with tactical applications in mind it would be nice if larger mags were available as well.

Assuming that the Escort DF12 is as reliable as advertised, this seems like a decent shotgun for an MSRP of $699.99.

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