Escort Introduces the M87 Pump-Action Shotgun

Escort Introduces the M87 Pump-Action Shotgun
The M87 is the first walnut stocked pump-action shotgun Escort is offering in America.
The M87 is the first walnut stocked pump-action shotgun Escort is offering in America.
The M87 is the first walnut stocked pump-action shotgun Escort is offering in America.

There is just something about a shotgun stocked in a stick of walnut.

The classic wood's fine texture and grain bring a firearm – particularly those made specifically for sporting purposes – to a whole different level of aesthetics. Of course, there is typically a bit more of a price to pay when shooters opt for a firearm decked out in walnut rather than a polymer material.

This is why Escort Shotguns' newest addition to its lineup appears so intriguing. Imported by Legacy Sports International, the M87 pump-action shoots for a solid looking shotgun at an affordable price. With an MSRP of $350, the M87's satin-finished walnut stock is well within reach of almost any shooter.

Part of what makes the gun so affordable is where it is manufactured and its proximity to key materials. Escort is a brand of Turkish gun maker Hatsan Arms, which means it has one of the world's richest walnut supplies at its finger tips.

The M87 appears to be an American version of the Escort WS and will be offered in both 12- and 20-gauge stateside. In addition to the standard model, their will also be a youth version available.

The new Escort smoothbore, no matter the gauge, will be offered in two barrel lengths, 28 and 26 inches. In both variations, the shotgun has a 14.5-inch length of pull, which makes the gun's overall length either 48 or 46 inches, depending on the barrel length.

The M87 shouldn't be a burden in the field, weighing in from 5.8 to 6.8 pound, depending on the model. To ensure it can easily be toted around, the shotgun comes pre-fitted with sling swivels, located at the front of tube magazine and the buttstock.

The youth edition is set up to give new shooters a more manageable platform, which should provide a lower-recoil firearm upon which to cut their teeth. It is a 22-inch barreled 20-gauge that tips the scales at 5.8 pounds and has a 13.5-inch LOP.

All models have a 4+1 capacity and come with three Escort V3 Removable Chokes in full, modified and improved. Choke choices don't end there, with the shotgun threaded to be compatible any made for Remington 1100 shotguns.

The gun come outfitted with a rubber butt pad, to help reduce felt recoil. It has a front fiber optics bead set atop a ventilated rib. And has a large slide release button, to make it easier to operate with gloves on.

The stock is made to gain a solid purchase, boasting checkering on the slide and grip.


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