Gun Review: North American Arms Guardian 380

If you want a small gun with a big punch, get your hands on a North American Arms Guardian 380.

This stout little gun tosses the .380 round, which will certainly get the attention of any aggressor.


This all-steel gun weighs just less than 19 ounces; heavy enough to absorb some recoil, but still light enough to stow in a pocket, purse or deep-concealment holster.

This is not a shoot-all-day target pistol. You will want to practice with it monthly and carry it every day.



The recoil is not abusive but is noticeable. With every shot, the front of the trigger guard banged into my trigger finger.



However, that's a minor complaint for a gun that disappears until you need it and delivers enough punch to drop a bad guy.


On the range, it took me one magazine to learn I was shooting the little gun a bit low. After figuring that out, 5- to 10-yard accuracy was perfect for self-defense needs, even during rapid fire. I had one malfunction, but that was because I hadn't seated the magazine fully.
The Guardian is rugged, durable and ready for action. To get your hands on a North American Arms Guardian, check out
Caliber: .380 ACP
Magazine capacity: 6 plus 1
Operation: double-action only
Material: 17-4 pH stainless steel
Barrel length: 2.49 inches
Height: 3.53 inches
Overall length: 4.75 inches
Width: 0.930 inch
Weight: 18.72 ounces unloaded
Trigger pull: 10.0 LBS.
Suggested retail price: $449

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