Hands On! M16 is a Dandy Duty Knife


Ask a dozen people what makes a great knife and you'll get a dozen answers. No knife can handle every job. That just isn't happening.

However, if you list the attributes of what you'd like in an everyday-carry tactical folder, you might find that the M16-13LE from Columbia River Knife and Tool has much of what you want.

Weighing just 3.2 ounces, the M16-13LE carries a 3.5-inch spear-point blade (other blade styles are available) that opens quickly and smoothly with one hand. It features a two-stage lock that, according to the makers, turns the folder into a fixed-blade knife just that quick. I don't know if I would call it a fixed-blade folder, but it sure locks open solidly.

The movement of two locking mechanisms to close the knife takes some practice. I wouldn't call it a pain in the butt — just a learning curve.

The best word to describe this knife is sleek. When closed, it’s just 1 inch wide and slightly more than ½-inch thick. Yet when open, the knife looks like it’s all business. Kit Carson has designed the M16 for function. Handle one, and you will immediately know what that means.

Notice the wide blade design for difficult tasks and the sure-grip contoured handle of 6061T6 hard anodized aluminum, which allows a comfortable grip with or without work gloves. The blades are made of AUS-8 stainless at 56-58 Rc. and completed with a nonreflective bead-blasted finish. The M16 is a full-size utility knife that features the Carson Flipper extension to the blade to speed opening and act as an additional blade guard.

To get your hands on a CRKT M16, check out www.crkt.com.


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