Gun Accessories


Caldwell Releases AK-47 Mag Charger

Looking for a fast way to get your empty Kalashnikov back in action? The AK-47 Mag Charger might be the accessory you've been hunting after.

Market Trends: Upscale Gun Safes Hot in OKC

High-end gun safes have been moving for one Oklahoma retailer with his customers shooting for bigger and nicer digs for their firearms.

TacStar Releases New Stōn Camo on Tactical 10/22 Stocks

TacStar's new Stōn Camo stocks give shooters a solid option to blend in with their surroundings, while giving their 10/22 a tactical advantage.

Getting on Target with Peak Studios’ Ballistic

There are all types of ballistic calculators on the market today, however, none may be more complete, detailed and practical than Peak Studios' Ballistic.

Mission Critical Kit Aims to Keep ARs Running in the Field

Firearms maintenance issues can crop up any time or place. A*B Arms shoots to tackle these problems for the AR-15 with a kit meant to keep a rifle in the fight, no matter the issue.

Glock MOS Review

The Modular Optics System changes the game for this popular firearm maker.

Hogue Grips Expands Selection for Ruger LCRs

Getting a handle on the Ruger LCR line just got a lot easier with Hogue introducing a slew of new grip options for the petite revolvers.

Minnesota Aiming to Shoot Down Suppressor Ban

Minnesota might be joining the majority of the nation when it comes to suppressors. A bill was recently introduced that is set to repeal the state's long-standing ban on the device.

Gallery: 5 New Defensive Ammo Choices

Buy the best carry handgun you can afford and it’s still only as good as the ammo you load it with. When it comes to self defense, it’s important to trust that your ammunition will do the job. Here are five defensive ammo loads you can trust your life to.

Inside Look at How a Silencer Works

Ever wondered how a silencer works? Well, SilencerCo and the American Suppressor Association give you a good idea with this animated graphic of the operation of the firearm accessory.

Shooting Mats: Go Prone in Comfort

The lowdown on three rifle cases that convert into shooting mats.

Burris Introduces Cost-Saving Tactical Optics Kits

Nowadays, it's pretty easy to spend more on a scope than a rifle. But Burris is trying to defray the cost of optics by offering some of its popular aiming solutions as affordable all-in-one kits.

Suppressor Q&A: Versatility vs. Efficiency

Many people are confused when purchasing a suppressor because they assume a suppressor’s caliber has to match the weapon’s caliber. In reality, you don’t necessarily care about caliber with suppressors.

StealthGearUSA Onyx Holster Review

Designed for hot weather, the StealthGearUSA Onyx outperforms conventional concealed carry holsters year round.

Photo Gallery: 7 Rock-Steady Rifle Bipods

The need for a bipod becomes all too evident in the field when squeezing off a shot at 100 yards or more. Today’s models are ultra-versatile and utilitarian.

Three New On-Target Optics from Steiner

Steiner has added a good share of new optics to its catalog for 2015. Here are three innovative additions that appear ready to get shooters on target.


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