Benchmaster Introduces New Slider Gun Rack

Benchmaster Introduces New Slider Gun Rack
Benchmaster's new Slider Gun Rack.
Benchmaster's new Slider Gun Rack.
Benchmaster's new Slider Gun Rack.

Options abound for quick-retrieval systems for self-defense handguns when you’re out and about. Around the house or office, well, that can be a bit of a different story.

There certainly are storage systems that are designed for use around your home turf. But, they typically have some drawbacks. One of the most obvious is many of them don’t exactly put a firearm at your finger tips. This can be a major problem, especially when seconds count.

This issue, however, appears to be one Benchmaster has addressed with one of its newest products. The subsidiary of Michigan-based Altus Brands has recently introduced a storage system that should keep a self-defense handgun stowed and within reach.

The Slider Gun Rack is a simple system, a hard-case exterior, with cushioned interior to snugly hold a handgun. The clever aspect is how it is mounted — a twin magnet system.

With the ability to attach to any metal surface, the slider gives shooters a fair amount of flexibility. When a handgun needs to be kept under lock and key, it conveniently fastens to the interior of a gun safe. When it needs to be within reach, it can be kept much closer at hand.

The system is designed to work with nearly any handgun, with its soft interior molding to fit itself around the firearm. While Benchmaster does not specify what the material is, it does point out that it will not corrode firearms and is resistant to rot, mold and mildew.

At time of writing, no price was given for the new Slider Gun Rack. However, most of Benchmaster’s other WeaponsRac storage systems run $29 to $49.


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