Market Trends: Upscale Gun Safes Hot in OKC

Market Trends: Upscale Gun Safes Hot in OKC

Browning Gun SafeMiles HallH&H Shooting Sports, Oklahoma City, Okla.

H&H Shooting Sports has been selling a significant number of gun safes for over a year, but of late, co-owner Miles Hall said, the market has shifted to more upscale safes.

“What I call the ‘grey garage safe,’ the one you stick in the corner of your garage? They still sell pretty well. But what we’re seeing is more and more people opting for the nicer-looking safes that they can show off in their homes,” Hall said.

Liberty and Browning safes are the best sellers in this line, most of them going for just under $3,000, though Hall has sold quite a few of the $4,000 models, too.

Ammunition is moving well, but inventories are still below demand. Hall notes that his store has many .22 LR AR-style rifles it can’t seem to move at any price because rimfire ammo is still so hard to get locally.

“If I could get a million rounds of .22 LR,” Hall reports, “I’d be a very happy man — for about four weeks. We’d sell a lot of rimfire rifles and handguns, along with all the ammunition, and then I’d want another million rounds. The demand is certainly there, but the supply still isn’t close.”

A trend Hall’s been noticing: a good number of people relatively new to the shooting sports looking over his hunting-style bolt-action rifles.

“They’re not buying many of them yet, but they are asking questions of my gun counter people and are being shown various models. They are definitely taking a close look. We’re hoping they become actual buyers as the year goes on.”

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