Minnesota Aiming to Shoot Down Suppressor Ban

Minnesota Aiming to Shoot Down Suppressor Ban
This Walther is fairly compact and handles well even with the silencer attached. Author Photo

Things might be getting a bit quieter in Minnesota if one of piece of legislation makes it into law. Rep. Mark Anderson (R) introduced a bill Wednesday that would repeal the Gopher State’s long-standing suppressor ban.

Similar to most states that have repealed bans on the device in recent years, the motivation has been noise control. As pointed out by Anderson in the above video from Minnesota's KARE 11, suppressors don’t mute firearms, but do deaden their report. This virtue has won favor of frequent shooting range patrons and some hunters, particularly those who stalk more wary game.

The bill has the potential to bring Minnesota into lockstep with the majority of the nation. Presently, according to information on SilencerCo’s website, there are 39 states that allow civilian ownership of suppressors, though it is a NFA device and requires registration with the BATF and a tax stamp.

If Anderson’s bill passes the only remaining states that will have suppressor bans on the books are: California, Iowa, Illinois, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont. The District of Columbia also has a ban on the device.


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