Ruger SR-762

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Ruger introduced the SR-556 four years ago, and is now jumping into the .308/7.62 NATO market with their two-stage gas-piston operating system. Despite the larger frame of the .308 rifle, it only weighs .66 pounds more than the SR-556. It has a hammer forged, chrome-lined barrel for longevity and accuracy, and a chrome-plated bolt carrier, which makes quick cleaning of the rifle a real breeze. It also has folding back-up iron sights (BUIS), a collapsible stock and a Hogue Monogrip pistol grip for improved handling. It comes with three 20-round P-Mags, four rail covers and a soft-sided case. Now if only it came in camo! ($2,195,

This article is an excerpt from the January 27, 2014 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.


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    • DPMS is garbage. I want the LWRC and possibly the Ruger too. And it’s a GOOD thing the Ruger doesn’t come in camouflage, those camo ARs you can buy look absolutely atrocious. If you want to cammie up your AR, get a couple cans of spray paint and some vegetation, at least that way it won’t look ridiculous.