6 Handy Tools for Shooters

6 Handy Tools for Shooters

Leatherman Rail and Pump.

Stuff needs adjustments and has a way of breaking at the worse times—even guns. From the bench to the range, these are the tools for shooters that deserve a place in your range bag.

Leatherman Rail and Pump

Leatherman Rail and Pump.Leatherman is rolled out two shooting-specific tools for shooters awhile back. The Rail (pictured above), designed for AR fans, includes a replaceable firearm disassembly punch, a carabiner tool, an oxygen tank wrench, a ¼-inch Hex bit driver, 3⁄8-inch open-end wrench and a front sight adjustment tool. A two-piece bit kit includes Phillips, Hex and Torx ends. For shotgun shooters, the Pump boasts a firearm disassembly punch, Hex bit driver, gut hook, choke tube wrench, ¼-inch box wrench, 8mm box wrench, 3⁄8-inch box wrench, scope adjustment tool and similar two-piece bit kit. ($45 for each; leatherman.com)

Multitasker Series3

Multitasker Series 3Multitasker was the first to design a tool specifically for AR shooters and the Series3 takes their AR-centric approach to the next level. A CNC-machined plier head and fiber impregnated G10 scales on the handles combine with a castle nut spanner wrench, STD screwdriver for an ACOG mount, 3-inch drop point knife blade, a 3⁄8-inch box wrench, 1.2-inch Hex, a pin punch, a removable four-prong A2-style front sight adjustment tool, 8-32 male thread and 10 Hex bits to round out this rugged tool. ($190; multitaskertools.com)

CRKT Picatinny Tool

CRKT Picatinny ToolThe tactically skeletonized and compact design of the AR-focused Picatinny Tool by CRKT is great for attaching or adjusting CTC sights and aid in the breakdown of ARs and semi-auto pistols for cleaning. It boasts a Hex wrench driver, an 8mm wrench, fold-out pin, bits in Phillips, Torx and Hex, a 2.8-inch fold-out serrated blade with a scraper edge and two CTC Allen tools. ($50; crkt.com)

Grace USA Tool KitGrace USA Gun Care Tool Set

A bench-worthy set of tools, made mobile-friendly in the zippered protective case they come in, the Grace USA Gun Care Tool Set comes with the company’s most popular sets of tools. The 17-piece set includes eight screwdrivers, eight brass punches from size 1⁄16 inch to 5⁄16 inch and Grace USA’s specially fabricated 8-ounce brass hammer. ($125; graceusaguntools.com)

Gerber eFECT Weapons Tool

Gerber eFECT ToolThe eFECT Weapons Tool is made specifically for working with and cleaning an AR-style rifle. It’s also compatible and interchangeable with Otis cleaning components such as brushes, scrapers, picks and rods. It includes an Otis nylon end brush, a patented Saf-T-Lock, a front sight pin tool (interchangeable from four to five pin), a flat driver scraper, a full-bladed scraper, an Otis curved pick and a punch. ($111; gerbergear.com)

Real Avid FINI

Real Avid FiniCompact and super useful by shotgunners and riflemen alike, the FINI fits choke tubes for six different gauges ranging from .410 to 10 gauge. The wrench uses a patent-pending step design to quickly and easily slide into the grooves of nearly any choke tube for quick removal and installation. It’s designed to withstand 50 pounds of torque. The slotted tip is also ideal for adjusting windage and elevation turrets on riflescopes. Totes easy by simply clipping on a keychain. ($13; realavid.com)

This article appeared in the June 6, 2013 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.


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