KRISS USA Launches Edelweiss Arms Branch For Antique And C&R Guns

KRISS USA Launches Edelweiss Arms Branch For Antique And C&R Guns

KRISS USA has launched a new division — Edelweiss Arms — focused on importing and selling C&R and antique firearms from Switzerland.

What to know about Edelweiss Arms:

  • Launched by KRISS USA on March 1
  • Specializes in the import and sale of Swiss C&R and antique firearms
  • Offers a host of Swiss surplus military rifles (K11, K31 and Schmidt-Rubin)
  • Has a number of Swiss pistols and revolvers (Sig P210, P49 military pistols and Lugers)
  • Sources only high grade and historically significant collector firearms
edelweiss arms rifles
Photo: Edelweiss Arms

Fans of classic military firearms are always on the hunt for new sources of collectible rifles, handguns and shotguns. The amount of “new” old guns coming into the U.S. isn't what it once was, and the prices for some firearms on the surplus market sometimes reflect this. Luckily, these classic firearms fans will now have a new source for curio and relic (C&R) and antique firearms: Edelweiss Arms.

On March 1, KRISS USA, which manufactures the innovative KRISS Vector family of firearms, launched Edelweiss Arms, a new division focusing on the import and sale of C&R and antique firearms — with a special emphasis on Swiss firearms — to collectors in the U.S. According to a release, the direct-to-consumer e-commerce company has a number of strategic partnerships in Switzerland, and throughout Europe, that allows it to source only the highest grade and most historically significant firearms to collectors.

edelweiss arms -03
Photo: Edelweiss Arms

“This is an exciting new venture for our business, and we’re looking forward to providing some value to the collector’s market in the United States,” said KRISS USA Marketing Manager Tim Seargeant. “Edelweiss Arms is positioned to provide the discerning collector in the United States unprecedented access to some of the most pristine condition antique and C&R firearms from Europe. Additionally, our Edelweiss Arms website is designed to streamline the decision making and ordering process to reduce the guess work that is traditionally associated with shopping for collector’s pieces.”

edelweiss arms -01
Photo: Edelweiss Arms

The new Edelweiss Arms website currently lists a host of collectible Swiss firearms. There are a wide variety of K11, K31 and Schmidt-Rubin rifles, as well as collectible Swiss pistols (Luger models, Sig P210s and others). A few revolver models are also listed, as is an impressive Vetterli 1878 .41mm carbine.

For more information, and prices on some of these firearms, check out the Edelweiss Arms website.


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