Easy Solution To Sell Guns You No Longer Want

0 Easy Solution To Sell Guns You No Longer Want
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Easy as sending an email and shipping a package, streamlines selling your guns online.

Pick a gun, almost any gun, and try to find one in stock. Chances are you’ll come up short—brick and mortar shops, and digital alike. Hot as blue blazes, the gun market is enjoying perhaps the biggest upswing of its history. Existing gun owners are adding to their collections and new buyers are flooding in for their first firearms. We needn’t dissect motivation. Unless you’ve had your head in the sand since New Year’s Eve 2019, the reasons are evident.

gun-buying-and-selling offers you a hassle-free way to turn your guns into cash.

Times are tough for gun buyers. But sell guns … now there’s a position worth considering.

Given the state of the gun market, now is the time to unleash the financial potential of the seldom-used guns cluttering up your safe. You know you have a couple, the ones that looked good on the store rack, but haven’t been fired in more than a year. Chances are there’s a better home for it. For your efforts, you’ll either have money for more desirable firearms or at least more ammunition. What’s holding you back?

sell guns online

Ready to turn your guns into cash? makes the process quick, painless and lucrative! Sell Your Guns Now!

Likely, the trouble is getting your money’s worth. Whatever way you cut it, haggling with the local gun store guy for a fair price is never a walk in the park. Selling guns at auction websites seems shaky; somebody walks away with a deal, while you’re left with pennies on the dollar. This is why online firearms purchase program is a godsend in terms of convenience and a square deal when you’re ready to sell guns you don’t need any longer.

What Is

If you’re unfamiliar with, it might be worth a moment of discussion. As those who’ve surfed the web for a long period might remember, at one time was a firearms news site, and a fairly extensive one at that. While they still produce articles, its main thrust shifted to gun sales, becoming one of the largest firearms retailers on the Internet. Part of the company’s success is due to its extensive catalog of competitively-priced new and used guns. The other is making the somewhat complicated process of buying a gun online a breeze.

You find the gun of your dreams, you add it to your cart, you fill out your payment information, then you pick a local FFL. From there takes care of the rest. This is a markedly simpler gun buying process compared to many retailers who require you to make contact with an FFL and have them send in their information. If you have a preferred FFL and they aren’t listed on the site, no big shakes. A quick email to and they add them, plus acquire their paperwork. Selling a gun with them is equally as painless.

The Hassle-free way to turn guns into cash— Learn More About Selling Your Guns Online!

How To Sell Guns To Them

At one time, selling a gun was as simple as talking to your buddies. Find out who was on the hunt for a new heater, politely haggle over price and exchange the gun for the money. A raft of onerous legislation has pretty much done away with that in most corners of the country. However, gets pretty close to replicating this comfortable and painless way of doing business.

It’s a four-step process to sell guns to the online retailer:

  • You describe and submit photos of the gun for sale to
  • The site makes you an offer.
  • You ship your gun to with a pre-paid shipping label they provide.
  • You get paid via direct deposit or check.

Now, there is a bit more to selling a gun than that, as you may well have guessed. The company inspects and evaluates the firearm once it’s at their end to ensure it matches your description before they pay. They don’t want to get burned. Outside of that, those steps pretty much sum up the process. You’re selling your gun directly to the company and, in turn, you don’t have to worry about finding a buyer.

Turn your old pistol, rifle or shotgun into cash now! is the hassle-free way to sell your gun online!

Sure you can trust this guy to give you a fair price at your local pawn shop. And that AR he’s selling is totally worth $5K.

What about the offer?’s appraisers are on the level and have years of experience buying guns. The site aims to serve all its customers—gun buyers and gun sellers—and in turn they’ll come up with a fair offer.’s main goal is to ensure a lasting business relationship. Besides, if you don’t approve of the number comes up with, you simply reject the offer within 10 business days and go on your merry way.

“Each day our highly experienced buying team carefully reviews the provided photos and descriptions of each submission, properly identifying the gun and determining condition. We then apply our industry knowledge and research current market conditions in order to make the most fair and accurate offers possible,” Digital Marketing Manager William Altherr said. “Keep in mind we also cover the cost of all shipping materials, including insurance. is by far the safest, easiest, and most convenient method available for selling a firearm.”

What Guns Move?

As any astute gun buyer knows, interest in particular styles of firearms and makes and models follow trends. This might lead you to wonder if that old double-barrel shotgun or well-worn .357 Magnum revolver will pique’s interest. It’s a worthy question, but one with a rudimentary answer. Yes, the site is interested.

Given the large customer base, there aren’t many guns the company shies away from—as long as they’re in working order. Additionally, the company is also interested in buying guns in bulk. Conveniently, runs a program to purchase entire collections, if you have that sort of volume to move or are party to an estate looking to liquidate a large volume of firearms.

Have a lot of heaters to liquidate? makes selling your gun collection online quick, easy and lucrative.

Getting Your Guns To

If you’re ready to sell guns you no longer need, a quick word on shipping firearms might be warranted. Many have never engaged in the process, so it seems daunting. Far from a Byzantine process, getting your firearms to is as painless as packaging them up and slapping the pre-paid shipping label on. This is because the company is an FFL. Whether you realized it or not, it is completely legal for a private citizen to ship a firearm to an FFL without any further paperwork or background checks. If this was a point of contention in selling guns online, don’t let it be—you’re in the clear.

Parting Shot

We all have firearms that just don’t tickle our fancy any longer and take up space. It might be an old hunting rifle that hasn’t seen the field in decades or a defensive handgun that’s been replaced by the latest and greatest iron. Whatever the case, it might be high time to part ways, sell guns that no longer have a place in your collection and reinvest that money in a gem you’ll use and enjoy. makes unlocking the value of these firearms easier than ever. Certainly, you could roll the dice with the local pawn shop in that shady strip mall or go through all the trouble and risk of putting them up at an online auction. Maybe you’ll make out like a bandit, but there’s a lot of ducks to put in a row to ensure a return. Why take the chance when makes selling guns online as simple as shipping a package?

Take the stress out of buying and selling guns, checkout no-hassle online services.

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