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Quiet Advantage: Best AR-15 Suppressor Options (2021)

Updated 4/13/2021

Looking to keep a lid on your black rifle? Here are some of the best AR-15 suppressor choices around.

What are the best AR-15 suppressor makes and models:

Suppressors have burned across the shooting world like a prairie fire in recent years. Perhaps the only issues holding them back further are Federal paperwork and taxes required to procure one. Save those, it’s a fair bet nearly every shooter would have at least one – for the sake of curiosity.

The somewhat unfair veil the National Firearms Act has drawn over suppressors makes them a mystery to many well-informed shooters. Even those rusty on acoustic engineering fundamentals understand the underlying concept of how they work. Though, it’s quite a leap from elementary knowledge of firearms suppression and what cans will actually pull off the job. Double this when it comes to the saturated AR-15 suppressor market.

Accessories and gear hounds to a fault, the popular rifle’s fans have their work cut out when shopping for this particular device. In short, the AR-15 suppressor square is crowded and sometimes confusing.

With an eye to simplifying the process, we’ve gathered five of the top models that are certain to keep a lid on your rifle’s big mouth. Whether at the range or in the field, the AR-15 suppressors are certain to make your shooting experience much more peaceful.

Best AR-15 Suppressor Options

YHM Nitro N20

Do-all. There’s perhaps no better way to describe what Yankee Hill cooked up with its new NITRO N20 can. More than an AR-15 suppressor, it’s capable of hushing up nearly any gun in your arsenal in the least invasive and most convenient way possible. Seem impossible? Read on.

The modular suppressor is designed to run on everything from pistols to light-duty rifles and is compatible with calibers ranging from .17 HMR up to .308 Win. Much of the flexibility is thanks to the N20 indiscriminate mounting system. You can slap on the suppressor via a Nielsen adapter, Phantom Q.D., a multitude of direct thread sizes and a slew of other systems. In addition to this, the can runs in two configurations—7.5-inch long and 5.4-inch short—to adapt your particular firearm and circumstances.

As to sound suppression, the titanium unit does a respectable job, knocking down the report of 300 Blackout to 127 dB in its long configuration and 135 dB in its short. Need a bit more, the endcap accommodates a wipe. Overall, it doesn’t get much more versatile than this.

Caliber: .17HMR – 9mm / .308 Win.
Weight: 6.5 oz (Short) / 10 oz. (Long)
Diameter: 1.562”
Overall Length: 5.4” to 7.5”
Attachment Type: Multiple
Material: Titanium
MSRP: $1,249

Thunder Beast Dominus-SR

There are few better ways to explain the Dominus-SR than a fighting suppressor. In testing, Thunder Beast brutalized this full-auto rated can, running through 10 cycles of SOCOM/SURG firing schedule and retesting it against a brand new unit. The difference between the two, the test suppressor comes back 1 dB louder than the one out of the box. Impressive.

A titanium body, fully welded, the short and squat unit is rated for 5.56 NATO to .308 RUM making it a fairly flexible option. Not only does it hold down duty as an AR-15 suppressor, but is also at home on a precision bolt gun or AR-10. Regardless of gun, the welded titanium Dominus-SR does little to burden the platform. It’s a bit girthier than other options with a 1.8-inch diameter, but it is shorter than most at 6.95-inches and is relatively light for its size at 12.5 ounces. Utilizing Thunder Beast’s SR mount system, the Dominus-SR is also incredibly simple to get on and off your gun and offers incredible lock-up.

Caliber: 5.56 up to .300 RUM
Weight: 12.5 oz
Diameter: 1.80”
Overall Length: 6.95”
Attachment Type: SR Mount
Material: Titanium
MSRP: $1,495

Rugged Suppressors Surge

Modularity is a catchword often haphazardly tossed around the firearms industry, but it is something the Surge 7.62 truly delivers. Configurable from 9 to 7.5 inches, the Surge 7.62 is a tidy package for those who need an AR-10 or AR-15 suppressor that adapts to any situation. Short and sneaky or long and silent, you get both in one device. And it’s as flexible in compatibility.

Rugged Suppressors more than lives up to its name with the Surge, which handles’ any almost anything north of 5.56mm (thanks to interchangeable front caps). How north? How about .300 RUM! Plus, it’s full-auto and belt-fed rated, which to average shooters equates to a suppressor that’s more than engineered to handle anything you throw at it.

Much of this is thanks to the material. Rugged Suppressors didn’t skimp constructing the Surge from stainless-steel and Stellite. Yeah, it puts the hush tube on the hefty side—21 ounces—but it’s by no means unmanageable. Convenience is also part of the package, with the can’s dual taper locking system making it easy to jump between guns. If versatility and ease of use are at a premium, the Surge is well worth the investment.

Caliber: 5.56mm, .30 Caliber
Weight: 21 ounces
Diameter: 1.5 inches
Overall Length: 7.5, 9 inches
Attachment Type: Fast-Attach
Material: Stainless Steel, Stellite
MSRP: $1,300

SureFire SOCOM300-Ti Suppressor

Whether close quarters fighting or humping a country mile in the field, there are situations where firearms bulk doesn’t pay.
Every ounce leads to a pound. SureFire, however, saves a load of sweat and keeps your rifle nimble as ever with one of the newest additions to its lineup—the SOCOM300-Ti. At a minuscule 11 ounces, the can might be the least obtrusive accessory you’ll slap on to your gun. And it’s no secret why.

As its name suggests, the SOCOM is a titanium build—baffles, front plate, tube and locking ring are all machined out of the durable metal. Not only does this maintain the handling characteristics of your rifle or carbine, it all but guarantees your abuse won’t put it out of commission. That’s always a nice asset on any gun that shoots away from the bench.

SureFire also designed plenty of versatility into the 8-inch can. The SOCOM handles anything .30-caliber and below (6.5mm, 6mm, 5.56mm) making it an ideal choice for those with a bevy of AR-10s and AR-15s at their disposal. Additionally, its tool-less, fast-attach design makes it lightning fast to get it off one gun and on another. As for noise reduction, it does a number on your rifle’s report. For .30-calibers, it knocks off around 30 dB, which is considerable on a relatively loud family of cartridges. Furthermore, it reduces dust and flash signatures considerably, keeping you clandestine.

Caliber: 5.56mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, .30 Caliber
Weight: 11 ounces
Diameter: 1.5 inches
Overall Length: 8 inches
Attachment Type: Fast-Attach
Material: Titanium
MSRP: $1,349

Silent Legion 300 Blackout/6.8 SPC DT

Any round can be suppressed, but the .300 Blackout was specifically designed for this purpose. Thus, it only makes sense to engineer a suppressor to get the most out of the whispering cartridge. Leave it to Silent Legion to go this route.

Its SL-BK came about expressly to all but eliminate the signature of the .30-caliber cartridge, and at the same tick not inhibit the handling characteristics of the rifles on which it’s mounted. Damping the Blackout’s report by as much as 32 dB and weighing in at just a hair over 14 ounces, it’s safe to say the company succeeded on both counts. While noise reduction is important (Why why else would you buy a suppressor?), the heft and size of the direct thread (DT) can might be the more crucial factors. Given many AR-15s chambered for .300 BLK are carbine or pistol configurations, generally meant for CQC, the suppressor keeps them as agile and manageable as if they were unsuppressed.

A titanium build, the SL-BK is also as rugged as you expect an AR-15 suppressor to be. Though it's a direct thread (⅝” -24 2B) unit, so it doesn’t come off and on as quickly as other options, if that’s a concern for you. The 6.8-inch can does have some versatility, also compatible with the resurgent 6.8 SPC. And, relatively speaking, the model is fairly economical to boot.

Caliber: .300 Blackout, 6.8 SPC
Weight: 14 ounces
Diameter: 1.5 inches
Overall Length: 6.63 inches
Attachment Type: Direct Thread
Material: Titanium
MSRP: $998

Dead Air Nomad L

Balance is often the concern when selecting a suppressor. Which can muffs noise to a manageable level, while not proving imposing dangling off the muzzle of a rifle. However, there are times and circumstances where asymmetry enters the equation, with one factor outweighing the others. If noise reduction is what your after come hell or high water, then the Nomad L is your answer.

Essentially the Nomad L is an enlarged variation of Dead Air’s popular Nomad-30, measuring in at 8.39 inches in length and 1.735 in diameter. Certainly, it’s more to attach to the end of a rifle, but the larger dimensions increased the internal volume of the suppressor, giving it better noise reduction qualities, as well as relieving backpressure. Honestly, the Nomad L has the full potential of significantly cutting down the report of something as barky as the .300 Winchester Magnum. But as an AR-15 suppressor, erasing all but the supersonic snap of 5.56 NATO and making sub-sonic .300 Blackout a mere whisper.

While bigger than many of the options on this list, the Nomad L is surprisingly unobtrusive. Yeah, it’ll add length to the platform and, at 18.3-ounces in weight, heft. But stainless-steel and Grade 5 titanium construction, it’s much more practicable than its measurements imply.

Caliber: Up to .300 Norma Magnum
Weight: 18.3 ounces
Diameter: 1.735 inches
Overall Length: 8.39 inches
Attachment Type: Direct Thread (KeyMo and Xeno Adapter compatible)
Material: Stainless Steel and Titanium
MSRP: $1,065

Griffin Armament Paladin 5

Unless you’re hoarding away millions in lotto winnings, buying multiple suppressors can become taxing — literally and figuratively. That’s where do-all models earn their keep, allowing the ability to suppress multiple guns. And few do more than Griffin Armament’s all-around small-bore wonder.

Rated for everything from the .22 LR to the explosive .22-250 Rem., the Paladin 5 Suppressor is a small-caliber jack of all trades. Featuring extensive use of 6AL4V titanium in the components, the 6.3-inch long user-serviceable unit tips the scales at only 12.5 ounces. Griffin Armament utilizes stainless- steel as well, making for a rugged tube and a blast baffle you never have to worry about sparking.

As for where the rubber meets the road, the Paladin 5 tames a .22 LR’s report to about 114 dB and a 5.56’s to 131 dB. As far as an AR-15 suppressor goes, this is about as versatile as it gets—something as adept on your full-strength rifle as it is on your trainer.

Caliber: From .22 LR to .22-250 Rem.
Weight: 16 ounces
Diameter: 1.5 inches
Overall Length: 6.3 inches
Attachment Type: n/a
Material: Fast Attach
MSRP: $945

Liberty Zulu Integral 5.56 NATO Upper

Integral suppression is nothing new. What’s changed as of late is that, it’s no longer a semi-custom affair. Liberty Suppressor is among the latest to put integral suppression within shooters’ reach, with the Zulu Upper Receiver, the perfect option for those aiming to keep the nimbleness of their carbine intact. The entire upper tips the scales at 3 pounds, 11 ounces, with a 16.6-inch barrel that includes the suppressor. That’s a boon when it comes to AR-15 suppressors, keeping a carbine as manageable as if it was unsuppressed. And Liberty didn’t hold back putting together a top-notch upper.

The manufacturer turned to Aero Precision for the receiver, Odin Works for the barrel (10.5 inches) and St. Croix Tactical for the bolt carrier group. Overall, that’s a strong build. The integrally suppressed portion is all Liberty, featuring grade 5 titanium baffles and an Inconel 718 blast baffle for extra robustness. The built-in can is tuned for 5.56 NATO, and because the suppressor is pinned and welded to the barrel, the upper only requires one tax stamp to purchase.

Caliber: 5.56mm
Weight: 3 pounds, 11 ounces
Diameter: n/a
Overall Length: 16.6 inches
Attachment Type: n/a
Material: Aluminum, Titanium, Inconel
MSRP: $1,550

Dead Air Sandman

A standby option nearly the moment it hit the market, it’s difficult to go wrong with the Sandman as an AR-15 suppressor or on any other long-gun. There’s no trick to what Dead Air has done, they’ve simply built a quality can that performs each time you pull the trigger.

There’s also some versatility in the suppressor. Available in four lengths—5.4-inch K, 6.8-inch S, 8.9-inch L and 8.20-inch T—there’s a mode for your particular firearms. In terms of an AR, all of them will work, but the S seems the best suited for the job. It more than provides ample noise reduction, though does weigh in at a hefty 17.7 ounces. There’s durability in the weight. The welded stainless steel/Stellite can is fully-auto rated and more than up to the day-to-day abuse likely to be thrown at it.

Nice as it Sandman is itself, its mounting system also shines. Utilizing a proprietary muzzle brake, the mount offers a repeatable interface with the suppressor eliminating the concern of baffle strikes and ensuring precision. There’s plenty more to love about the Sandman, but this should be enough to see why it’s among the most popular cans out there.

Caliber: 5.7x28mm up to .300 Win. Mag.
Weight: 12.8 oz.-21.8 oz
Diameter: 1.5”
Overall Length: 5.4”-8.9”
Attachment Type: Keymount brake
Material: Stainless Steel/Stellite
MSRP: Starting at $849 (T Series)

AAC M4-2000

It stands to reason, if you’re an AR shooter, you have one chambered in traditional 5.56 NATO. Performing at blistering velocities, not the easiest round to hush up. Advanced Armament Corporation does a fairly solid job accomplishing this feat with a suppressor dedicated to the ubiquitous ammunition. By the company’s account, the M4-2000 reduces a rifle’s report anywhere from 32 to 34dB – signification in anybody’s book.

Furthermore, it’s as convenient an AR-15 suppressor as they come. Attaching and removing via AAC’s patented Fast-Ratchet system, the can comes and goes from the muzzle as freely as you please.

Nifty as the unit is, the M4-2000 has its limitations. Yes, it all but erases the explosion of gas at the muzzle, but if you’re shooting supersonic rounds (which you most likely are) you’ll still have a sonic boom. Yes, you have subsonic 5.56 NATO as an option, but it doesn’t come cheap – well over a dollar a round.

Still, if you are a high-volume shooter, competitor or plan on configuring a home-defense rifle that won’t stun you after a trigger pull, the M4-2000 is worth the investment.

Weight: 17.6 oz
Length: 6.625″
Length added: 5.10″
Diameter: 1.50″
Finish: Cerakote
Sound Reduction: 32-34dB
Mount: 51T Ratchet Mount; 51T 1/2×28 Blackout Flash Hider Mount included
Materials: Inconel 718 & 316L S
MSRP: $795

SilencerCo Omega Suppressor

Gird your loins, you’ll pay a pretty penny for SilencerCo’s legendary do-all suppressor. However, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re getting more than your money’s worth. Compatible with every caliber from 5.7mm to .300 Winchester Magnum, the Omega covers every conceivable base for an AR-15 suppressor and beyond.

Excellent performance, the Omega reduces a subsonic .300 Blackout’s report to around 119dB and a .308 Win. to about 133dB. Equally attractive, the can is among the smaller, lighter options on the market today. At 14 ounces, it won’t tip a rifle out of balance. Furthermore, its 7.09-inch length doesn’t make a gun unwieldy — particularly a carbine. Finally, the Omega’s 1.56-inch diameter keeps a clear line of sight on most rifles aimed with both irons or optics.

Getting the suppressor on and off a gun is almost cheating. It’s possible to mount the Omega the traditional way, via direct-thread to your muzzle. However, if you find you’ll switch it between guns or will shoot suppressed or un-suppressed at a moment’s notice it boasts a convenient quick detachment system. Requiring only a few turns of a locknut to install, it only takes seconds to swap out.

Calibers: 5.7 MM TO .300 WM
Muzzle Decibel Averages: .300 BLK: 119.5 DB, 5.56 MM: 130.1 DB , .308 WIN: 133.9 DB
Weight: 14.0 OZ
Length: 7.09″
Diameter: 1.56″
MSRP: $1,130

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