SHOT 2015: SIG Ventures into Rifle Ammunition

SIG Sauer is releasing its first rifle ammunition, a subsonic 300 Blackout round.
SIG Sauer is releasing its first rifle ammunition, a subsonic 300 Blackout round.

SIG Sauer is relatively new to the ammunition game, but has staked out its spot.

The European/American company’s Elite Performance line of ammo has found its way into more than one pistol and revolver since its introduction in 2014. Now it’s set to make the jump to an entirely different class of firearms.

SIG unveiled its first rifle ammunition at the 2015 SHOT Show, a 300 Blackout round tailored for suppression. But the subsonic round, topped with a 220 gr. Sierra Match King bullet, looks to be just the beginning of the company’s foray into feeding long guns.

The company plans to expand its rifle offerings of Elite Performance ammo as the year wears on. This will included, according to a SIG press release, a supersonic load for the Blackout.

Given some other products releases this year, SIG choosing the .30-caliber round as its first rifle ammo makes sense. The company also introduced a line of suppressors in 2015, which walks hand-in-hand with the eminently suppressible round.

SIG appears to be attempting to milk as much out of its preliminary Blackout offering’s ballistics as possible, while maintaining it as subsonic. The round just sneaks under the speed of sound with its muzzle velocity listed at 1,000 fps. At this speed, it is listed as producing 488 ft.-lbs. at the muzzle.

While it has yet to be released, SIG does have ballistic data listed for its supersonic round. It looks to be 125 gr. Match King that will move at 2,200 fps at the muzzle and will boast 1,343 ft.-lbs. at that point.

There is no word on what other rifle rounds SIG Sauer plans on releasing this year.


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