What’s on Tap for Federal Premium in 2015

Federal Premium
Federal Premium has a slew of new ammo for 2015 for nearly every application.

As would be expected, new firearms of every shape and size steal the spotlight at the SHOT Show. But ammunition manufacturers did their part to make the 2015 exposition a bang. Federal Premium Ammunition was among the most productive, turning out a slew of new and updated ammunition lines to cover nearly any shooting situation – whether self-defense or casual plinking. Here is a look of what the monolithic manufacturer has to offer for the coming year.

Federal Premium HST .380 ACP

Personal Defense HST

Two years ago, Federal released its top law enforcement duty round to the public as a personal-defense load – the HST. The line of potent hollow points has expanded this year with Federal’s embrace of a self-defense round that is growing in popularity – the .380 ACP. The 99-grain round offers the controlled expansion, optimum penetration and terminal performance of the rest of the line, but in a load tailored for micro pistols. The bullet’s jacket is designed to retain nearly 100 percent of the projectile’s weight and the hollow point has been engineered to resist plugging to ensure complete expansion. MSRP box of 20 $25.95.


Federal Premium 3rd Degree

3rd Degree

In recent years, turkey loads have focused on reaching further, at the expense of close-in shots. Tight patterning ammo can be a craps shoot when a trophy Tom trots near enough to count his tail feathers. Federal is shooting to put pellets on target no matter the distance, with its new 3rd Degree turkey load. The load uses a multi-shot three-stage playload to deliver lethal pattering wherever a turkey pops up. The first stage delivers No. 6 nickel-plated Flitestoppers for close-in work; the next stage then releases No. 5 lead shot, perfect for moderate-range; finally, the last stage unleashes No. 7 HEAVYWEIGHT pellets, high density tungsten-iron shot that delivers a heck of belt 40-yards and beyond. MSRP 3-inch, 1 ¾-once $21.95 box of 5; 3 ½-inch, 2-ounce $24.95 box of 5.


Vital-Shok Throphy Bonded Tip .223 Remington

Vital-Shok Throphy Bonded Tip .223 Remington

The .223 is a heck of a hunting load, even for game as large as deer or antelope. And the round has just gotten more potent with Federal Premium's expansion of its Vital-Shok line. The new .223 round boasts a 62-grain, Trophy Bonded Bear Claw bullet, renown for its ability to retain 90 percent of its weight or more after penetration. Federal touts the projectile’s ability to crush bone, while its nickel-platting ensures optimum expansion at any range. MSRP $26.95 box of 20.


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Vital-Shok Trophy Copper .30-30 Winchester

Vital-Shok Trophy Copper .30-30 Winchester

The .30-30 is still thriving after all these years and more lethal than ever thanks to Federal. Expanding its Vital-Shok line to include a .30-30 round with a Trophy Copper bullet should have white tails shaking in their hooves. The 150-grain copper-alloy projectile features a tipped cavity, ensuring consistent expansion over a wide variety of distances. And the bullet is devastating once it reaches its target, retaining 99 percent of its weight to produce a deadly wound canal. MSRP $37.95 box of 20.


American Eagle .338 Lapua Magnum

American Eagle .338 Lapua Magnum

Face it, the .338 Lupua Magnum isn’t the cheapest gun to feed, but Federal has made its food bill a bit more manageable. The company has expanded its economical American Eagle line to include the popular long-distance round, giving shooters a load that rings up around $1.50 cheaper than most per shot. The 250-grain round boasts a soft-point bullet with devastating terminal ballistics. As a bonus, the bass is reloadable. MSRP $66.95 box of 20.


American Eagle 17 Winchester

American Eagle 17 Winchester

The .17 Winchester is red-hot, flat shooting and a heck of a lot of fun to thumb off. Federal is giving shooters of the small caliber more trigger time with the expansion of its American Eagle line. The 20-grain load boasts a blistering 3,000 fps muzzle velocity and is topped with a tipped bullet for explosive expansion. MSRP $19.95 box of 50.


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