Brenneke: Must Be German for ‘Accurate’


For those of us who grew up shooting deer with shotgun slugs, especially in the days before rifled barrels, accuracy was measured in “minute of deer hide.” 

Well, those days are long gone. But the odd thing about the change in slug accuracy is that some of the most accurate “new” slugs are built on a design that's been around for a century.

Brenneke slugs are not new. But if you haven't shot them lately, get your hands on some now. Whether you use them for deer hunting or tactical operations, Brenneke KO slugs will do everything you want them to do and at ranges beyond the limits of your skills. Seriously.

We started shooting at 25 yards, offhand, with a cylinder bore combat shotgun and ghost-ring sights.  I could cover every three-shot group with my hand.

I put the bead on a rock resting partway up the 200-yard backstop and squeezed the trigger.

Elevation was perfect and I was 6-inches right. That made the guys at the range stop and look my way.

If you need knock-out power that comes with surgical precision, get your hands on some Brenneke KO slugs and remember to squeeze the trigger.

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  1. If you buy Benneke Ammo BEWARE! I recently had a misfire with a Brenneke KO slug that resulted in blowing up my barrel (pics available).
    I asked Brenneke to at least replace the gun. They ignored me. I contacted a lawyer with pics of the ammo, the defective casings, the wad lodged in the barrel and the blown-up barrel. Unless I can PROVE i bought the ammo I have no case. IF you buy ammo from Brenneke or anyone keep the receipt. Apparently, the box and ammo itself is not enough.


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