First Look: RCBS 30 Super Carry And .44 Auto Mag Die Sets

First Look: RCBS 30 Super Carry And .44 Auto Mag Die Sets

RCBS has just released two new die sets for 30 Super Carry and .44 Auto Mag, giving reloaders even more caliber options to play with.

RCBS is one of the biggest names in reloading, and it’s easy to see why if you’ve ever gotten to reload using RCBS equipment. The company already had many caliber options available, offering die sets for not only the most popular cartridges but for more niche options as well. The impressive lineup has just gotten even bigger, however, as two more somewhat esoteric reloading options are now available through the addition of 30 Super Carry and .44 Auto Mag die sets.


While there’s a chance that 30 Super Carry will someday gain traction, until it does, it’s still relegated to the niche side of pistol calibers where it sits comfortably alongside other oddballs like .44 Auto Mag. While nobody today is burning through massive volumes of either cartridge, the ability to reload them at home certainly increases their round-count potential. Whether you’re a 30 SC early-adopter or a dedicated .44 AMP shooter, RCBS now has your reloading needs covered.


Each RCBS die set comes in a green box and includes a sizing die (made out of carbide to eliminate the need to lubricate cases), an expander die and a taper crimp seat die. The MSRP for the .44 Auto Mag die set is $129.95 and the 30 Super Carry version costs $108.99. Both are available now.

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