Premier Body Armor Releases Everyday Armor T-Shirt


Premier Body Armor has recently released the second generation of the Everyday Armor T-Shirt or EAT2.0, a simple shirt that provides level IIIA ballistic protection.

Premier Body Armor mostly makes traditional armor, with its products spanning a wide range of different ballistic protection levels and intended uses. While the company has offered concealable soft armor before, it wasn’t concealable like the newest generation of the Everyday Armor T-Shirt or EAT2.0.


While traditional concealable armor vests are still typically quite bulky, the Everyday Armor T-Shirt takes the comfort and concealability to a new level. The garment itself, available in white or black, is a simple moisture-wicking polyester t-shirt. What makes these special is the fact that they feature built-in ballistic panel pockets on the front and rear.


Each pocket will fit one of the two included ballistic inserts. The panels are NIJ tested to meet level IIIA standards, weigh .8 pounds each and are only .22-inches thick. Each panel is 7.75×12.75-inches in size and positioned to efficiently cover the Cardiac Box while remaining concealable. The newest generation of the Everyday Armor T-Shirt also features concealment channels which help keep the armor panels closer to the wearer’s body.


Alex Stewart, President of Premier Body Armor, said this about the EAT2.0:

Keep your traditional soft armor vest ready and on standby for SHTF situations, but for daily use consider the Everyday Armor T-Shirt 2.0 … This revolutionary product, now in its second generation, is the cutting edge of daily wear body armor. With the EAT2.0 you can wear real, Made in the USA, Level IIIA body armor all day without the awkwardness, discomfort, or lifestyle change that comes with a traditional bulletproof vest. This is the next evolution of EDC body armor.

The EAT2.0 bundle that includes one shirt plus two armor panels has an MSRP of $299. It’s offered in white or black, in sizes small through 3XL and it’s available now.

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